Monday raiding - Garalon crushes us

Balinar was disappointed.  Voe and Bladewind were not turning up so that meant we were going to be having him heal with us.  You could hear his complaining half way around the world.  Balinar reminded us that Fatboss says that you "use 3 healers if you're shit" and I freely admit I'm not a super healer so I needed all the help I could get.

Last night we had a few goes before raid ended, and I tried kiting.  I was pretty rubbish at it.  I wasn't staying ahead of the cone and the healing was phenomenal because I was too busy watching the ground and the boss's front arc instead of health bars.

So we had a few shaky starts as we tried to get the mechanics of the fight down.  Healing was heavy, swaps were a bit off and raid damage was high and I had difficulty reaching everyone.  But as the night went on we were getting better and we got a rhythm going.

Oh, how silly of me, I forgot to introduce you to Garalon.  A big bug boss, he reminds me of another big bug boss in AQ20, Buru.  The idea is that Garalon infects someone with pheromones and then chases that person, but a bit slowly.  People DPS down the legs to make him go slow.  There is a big pink circle under the boss which is the no go zone because if Garalon realises anyone has gone into the zone he will do a crush which is slam down on the ground and we get stunned and take lots of damage.  And it's just rinse wash repeat.

The fight itself is easy once you get the hang of it.  What' s hard is that the healers run out of mana.  Oh, and the enrage timer.

We tried it with 2 heals for a bit but Bish and I had issues with reaching people.  Tanks are constantly out of range, and Roshii is often out of range too.  We had a few goes where we hit enrage with 4 million health still to go, so there's a ways for us to go yet.

Maybe a few more upgrades and I'll be ready to play.  But it's actually a challenging fight, excellent for druids.  Spamming rejuv and wild growth and life blooms and swiftmends made me feel like good and made my healing numbers look good too.  I don't think I've ever seen them that high - not even on Elegon.

Well, next raid week is only 2 days away!  Hopefully I can sneak into the raid this time to do Elegon.  I just want to do it once.


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    1. Lyss, who needs a cheerleading squad when I have you and Slice? :D <3

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    1. You know, I might ninja that name for Christmas!


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