Minipost: Sunday raiding - First mixed group in Heart of Fear

Only one tank, so we couldn't do anything except Vizier in Heart of Fear.  Falln and Bish were new to it, but everyone else had done it before.  They picked it up pretty quickly, and we managed to kill it that night.  Poor Roshii wasn't having a good day and died a few times, but we managed to kill it in the end.  Those MCs are the hardest part, I think.  Healing seemed really easy.

Roshii is a bloody menace when MC'd.  Poisons everywhere, stuns... and he hits hard!  I more often than not forgot to put symbiosis on Souglyy for deterrence, but when I did it was helpful because the 2 MCs could often be seen gunning for healers!  Poor Bish was bashed a lot...

It was really good to heal with Bish again.  It's been ages.

We took a quick look at second boss - but we found out on Monday night that it needs two tanks!  Tout did pretty well surviving if it's a 2 tank fight!  I'm bad at stacking on the marked person... hopefully that will improve.


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