Minipost: Sneaky way to get Raiding with Leashes

I did this as an experiment last night with Aza.  Aza gave me the last pet I needed for my Raiding with Leashes (which was an Anubisath Idol), which was one of his own ones.  So I got the achievement!  Thank you Az!

So then Az said "Hey, I wonder if..."
"If you cage all the pets for the Raiding with Leashes and trade them to me, I learn them and then pass them back, would that work?"
"Hmm.  I don't know but it SHOULD work?"

So we tried it.  And it worked.  Now Aza has a Mr Bigglesworth, just like me.


  1. Sneaky, lol. Grats to both of you with Mr. Bigglesworth!

  2. Sounds like you could run a service ... for the, uh, newer pet collectors out there :D

  3. Ooooh Arv . . . ;-)

    Thats awesome Navi!


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