Minipost: Merry Christmas Everyone!

To all my readers and friends, I hope you all have a safe and joyous Christmas, and for those of you who don't celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

For those of you who are at work, I hope it's an easy day and that everything goes well for you.

Yawn time to get to bed, kids will be up in 6 hours to make a mess and fill up my recycle bin.


  1. Merry Christmas! Hope you get some sleep before all the morning excitement begins!

    1. Merry Xmas Ancient! I did get some sleep, and these damn kids - I'm up waiting at the tree and they're not!

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    1. And a happy new year to you Tyledres :D

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    1. Merry Christmas Arv :) What a year huh :P

  4. Merry Christmas Navi and thank you for the pet. Corael and I both like lil' Rags.



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