Lunasee by any other name will still smell as sweet

It's been a while since I had time to visit anyone, but server maintenance is as great time for doing it.  Off I went to EU to see if I could find my old friend Lunasee.  Since I rediscovered her existence in August, I have had a burning desire to chat to her, and twitter doesn't offer the same kind of medium for chatting, I find.  I also managed to chat to Godmother and Sephrenya in my travels, and Godmother was on her pet crusade for 75 25s so she was busy.  I was lucky to see Seph, she was sick and happened to be at home.  I hoped I hadn't used up all my luck so fingers crossed I would see Luna.

I combed her blog, She Kills Monsters, for clues to where to find her and I went over to where I thought she was.  When I went to her server and did a /who of her guild, only one person was online.  I sent a tell to Utility, and waited, but not really expecting to be that lucky.  Secretly I hoped that it was Luna, but that's like a needle in a haystack.

Utility responded to my polite request and I asked him if he knew two of Luna's characters.  He asked me why was I looking for her.  I said that I was a reader of her blog, and that I used to play with her when she used to be on US servers, so I was just hoping I could say hello.  To which Utility replied  "Navi?  From Frostwolves?"

I was excited!  "Luna??" I asked.

But it wasn't Luna.  It was Luna's husband!  Luna was looking over his shoulder and she came to login to chat to me.  What a stroke of luck!

Both were so kind and came to meet me and take some pics and then I sat around chatting about old times with Luna.  What was our guild up to, what people are doing, and asking about her guild.  She has a ton of alts...

Her night elf mage was interesting because Night Elf mages are new.  And Luna likes flipping... she asked me to jump.  I've never been a huge fan of that night elf female bounce.

Draenei on the other hand are pretty.  I like them.  I have no idea what I chatted to Luna about for the better part of half an hour, but it was so nice to catch up.  And boy does that woman tweet fast.


  1. Good Ol' Luna. Sounds like a nice catch-up. :)

  2. We chatted about you, she remembers you well. She said you were sweet :)

  3. wait...aren't all belf priests and tauren druids from Aus sweet? XD

    1. You are a slice of heaven young man /grin you can drop by anytime!


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