Have you noticed what's new at the Faire?

Everyone is so busy with Brawler's guild and Domination point and new pet tamers that they might have overlooked some of the new things at Darkmoon Faire in all the excitement...

Don't forget to grab your Darkmoon Glowfly and Crow when you're on the island!
Now you can get a ride down to the Faire if you're low level - free!
Darkmoon Carousel - take a ride and you will increase your reputation and experience by 10% for a short while

The Darkmoon Master Pet Tamer Jeremy Feasel - costs one token to challenge him and he gives you the chance to get a Darkmoon Eye in his bag
Zoned in and then realised you forgot something? Not to worry, there is a portal back to TB at the top end of the Faire now too!  Most handy for low levels so you don't have to run all the way down to the far end of the Faire


  1. Oh! There's that handsome Jeremy Renner, er, I mean Feasel. I thought the ride down for low levels was nice too.

    1. LOL Ancient, you know me too well! I wonder when my Jeremy Renner - I mean Feasel, obsession will end...

  2. Technically the portal isn't to TB, but to Elwynn. Poor Navi. Getting your cities mixed up :D

    1. Speaking of which, I could not find the bloody portal to the Faire in Elwynn Forest. I flew around and around and got sick of all the trees hiding everything and logged back to Navi instead so I could figure out how to get to DMF. Humans need to chop down all those trees and have nice open plains like Mulgore so I can see where the hell things are :P

  3. I recall someone's RP toon had as a backstory being a woodcutter in the Tanaris forest. Tanaris is a desert, you say? Well, it is NOW.

    Send him to forthcoming Elwynn Desert.


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