Furtive Father Winter with Guest Post by Dahakha

Now how cool is it that someone whose writing I so admire, is the person who is my Furtive Father Winter (that's blogger talk for Secret Santa by the way, which Akabeko of Red Cow Rise organised this year again!).  So without further ado, I present Dahakha, a guildie of Akabeko's, and a master storyteller :)


Hey Navi!

So I was the one lucky enough to be preparing a gift for you....and I really hope I haven't taken too many liberties with it! It was a struggle to come up with something that would fit your blog....I was going to write a pet story for you but you got in first! :P So I fell back on what I know. I am pretty nervous about this story, I really really hope you like it!

Feel free to play with the formatting to suit your blog.

Merry Winter Veil to you, my friend!

- Dahakha


"So are you doing anything for the Feast of Winter Veil, Aka?" Navimie watched as her friend tinkered with some mechanical toy on her workbench. Seeing that she would not get an answer until the delicate work was done, she wandered around Akabeko's workshop, looking with mild interest at the various parts and tools stacked on the shelves.

"Hmm? Oh, not really. At least, I haven't made any plans yet. Got any ideas?"

"Well I'm organising a celebration at our guild's local tavern, why don't you come along? Plenty of people are coming, it'll be great!"

Akabeko put aside the toy and reached for a box of parts. "Mmmm sounds good. Just write the address down for me, could you?" She waved towards a mess of blueprints and notepads. Navimie found a quill and inkpot and started writing directions. "You should bring a partner, Aka."

The engineer pulled out bits from her parts box, laying them out on the bench in front of her. "Like who?"

Navimie smirked at her. "That druid friend of yours....Dahakha?"


Navimie grinned, though her friend was too focused on her work to notice. "He's pretty cute, don't you think?"


"And smart, too, from what you told me."


"Didn't he help you get into the good books of those Ravenholdt people? That was very generous!"


Navimie was enjoying herself. With a significant look at Akabeko, she continued. "It's not often that such a great catch comes along. It'd be a shame if some other woman caught his eye...."

Akabeko glanced over at her friend in confusion, then bent back to her work. "Yes, Navi, I'll bring him along. He's been stressed out lately anyway, with all the stuff going on in Hyjal and dealing with the Firelands threat. It'll do him good to get out and relax."

"Great! I'll just put a reminder on here with the directions, ok? Then I'd better get going, got lots of things to organise!"

Navimie gave her a quick hug from behind as Akabeko nodded absently, then left the workshop, grinning again as she heard a belated "Oh, bye Navi!" float after her.

Akabeko continued to work on her project, and it wasn't until half an hour later that her head shot up as the conversation sunk in. Navi and Dah? Her eyes narrowed in thought. Hmmmmm.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"You were right, Beko. I did need to relax a bit." Dahakha sat back in his chair, raising his mug of hot apple cider in greeting as more people entered the tavern. "You seem a bit distracted. What's up?"

Akabeko visibly collected herself, turning back to him with a smile. "Oh, nothing. Just wondering where Navi is. She said she was going to join us when she found time." She glanced around the room again. "I think you'll like her, Dah."

"Haven't I met her before?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe once or twice? I don't know if you've been properly introduced though. You'll love her, I know it."

"You said that already." He grinned at her. "Ok, I'll bite. What is she like?"

"Oh Dah, she is wonderful! Smart, funny, a reeeeeeally great healer. So friendly. She's very giving, loves to make people feel special. We were in the same groups for a lot of early druid training. I remember she was the only one who made me feel welcome when I first arrived. She even helped me with my orcish!"

"Oh, so she's the one to blame for your weird accent, eh?"

She snorted, then stuck her tongue out at him. "Says you! Unlike some people, she never laughed at my silly questions."

Dahakha put his his hands up in defence. "Hey I laugh with you, not at you!"

"Yeah, right. She's always willing to give me a hand with an engineering project, even though it has caused a few...uh....mishaps."

A new voice chimed in from behind Akabeko. "Like the time you singed the fur off my forehead?" Her eyes widened in horror as she turned to face Navimie. "I.....well.....it was an accident!"

Navimie came around and sat across from Dahakha as Akabeko introduced them. After exchanging a few pleasantries, Akabeko drained her mug and looked pointedly over at Navimie. "I'm going to get another drink. You guys want anything?" As they shook their heads, she got up and with a wink at Navimie, said "Right, you two get to know each other then, I'll be back soon."

Dahakha watched Akabeko as she walked off, then looked at Navimie with a slight frown. "What was that all about?" Navimie was grinning broadly, and at his clear confusion she broke into giggles. "What!?" That only set her off even more. Finally, she got herself under control again.

"Aka is playing matchmaker." As Dahakha's eyebrows shot up in panic, Navimie reached over and patted his hand. "She obviously thinks I am interested in you." He squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. "Look, Navimie, I am flattered, but we've only just met, and I don't really think - "

"I know." She grinned at him impishly. "It's pretty obvious your heart belongs to another, Dahakha. I shouldn't be surprised at her misconstruing my intentions, she isn't the best listener when she is working on her toys. Besides, I already have a man I am working on." She giggled again as Dahakha's shoulders sagged in relief. Then she leaned forward, eyes sparkling mischeviously. "How would you like to have a bit of fun?"

"What kind of fun?"

"A bit of a prank, on Akabeko. All we need to do is....."

By the time Akabeko returned, the plan was set. As she reached the table, Navimie and Dahakha were laughing together, having moved in closer to each other. Looking from face to face, her expression was cautiously pleased. "So what have I missed? You two are clearly hitting it off." She sat down and slurped the head off her beer. Dahakha leaned forward excitedly.

"You were right, Beko! Navi is great! I have never met anyone so, so....perfect for me! I'm so glad you brought me along tonight."

Navimie chimed in. "We just talked and talked while you were gone! There is so much we have in common...." she laid her hand on Dahakha's, ".....and I can't wait to meet his parents!"

Akabeko blinked at her as Dahakha continued. "We decided that, since we were getting along so well, we might as well make plans to move in together. We're going back to Mulgore to see our families next week, so we'll try and find somewhere we can, er, get to know each other better, if you know what I mean." He winked slyly at Navimie, who smiled wickedly.

Akabeko looked stunned. A range of emotions swept across her face, before she finally forced a smile. "That's, uh, that's great! I am so happy for you...." She raised her mug in salute, but as she drank deeply her eyes remained on Dahakha.

Dahakha slapped his hands down on the table. "I think I need another drink after all. Would you like one, babytree?" Navimie fluttered her eyelashes at him. "I'll have what you're having, honeybear." As Akabeko looked on in consternation, Navimie grabbed Dahakha's hand and pulled him back to her. "A kiss before you go?" Dahakha leaned in.....and they both dissolved into laughter. Akabeko looked back and forth, trying to figure out what the hell was going on as her two friends doubled over in hysterics.

"Oh, Aka, you are too easy!" Navimie managed to choke out between gales of laughter. Dahakha calmed down enough to add, "Sorry Beko, it was too great an opportunity to pass up. It was Navi's idea!" Then he looked at Navi again, muttered "honeybear?" and collapsed into hysterics again. Akabeko's jaw dropped, setting Navimie off again.

"You.....you smarmy bastards!" She shook her head in disgust. "I am way too gullible." Still shaking her head, she started giggling to herself as she replayed the conversation in her mind. "You buttwads owe me a drink for that!"

Dahakha stood, wiping his eyes. "What'll you have?"

"The most expensive thing they have! In fact, make it a double!" He nodded as he walked off. Akabeko turned a mock glare on her friend. "I thought you wanted to meet him?!"

Navimie sighed, and gave Akabeko a wry smile. "You should pay more attention sometimes, Aka. I had someone else in mind...."

When Dahakha returned with the drinks, Akabeko was still pressing Navimie for an explanation. Deciding to not get involved in that conversation, he broke in with a raised mug. "To good friends and great company. Merry Winter Veil!"


Navimie's comment: I love it!  I had my hand to my mouth covering my grin and even my family came up to me asking what I was smiling about.  And a story with mischief in it?  Perfecto!!  Thank you Dahakha!!  Oh, and I forgot, if you'd like to see what I did for my FFW, wander over to Herculano's blog!


  1. What a great story and I think it fits Navi's blog perfectly. Nicely done Dahakha.

  2. BABYTREE!!! I'm putting that in my pocket for later!

    1. I think pussycat, kitten, sugarbear and leafylove are all hilariously sickening druid terms of endearment :) Babytree I like though even though I have to say I almost blushed reading it HAHAHA

  3. So glad you liked it, Navi. :D

    1. How could I not? :D Now I have a piece of your writing to call my own!

  4. That was a great story! Made me giggle out loud. I loved reading it. Merry Winter Veil everyone!

    1. I am still giggling after the umpteenth read! Thanks Thel, I bet Dahakha is chuffed everyone loves it!

  5. Love it! Although I am using buttwad...

    1. Heh, you'll be speaking like an Aussie yet Matty!

  6. I giggled aloud, too! Another great read, Dahakha, and you nailed the characterizations! Well-done! :D

  7. You and he are both talented writers Kam! I totally enjoyed your FFW gift to him :D


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