Finishing off the Golden Lotus

The Golden Lotus.  Maker and breaker of many people's dailies tolerance, the Golden Lotus dailies can take a while when you are soloing them!

So when you hit exalted, you get some extra special quests, with some very juicy rewards.  A 489 neck as a matter of fact.

The quest chain itself is interesting, because once you start it, you have to finish it because the whole zone is phased.  Mogu are everywhere, everyone is fighting, and none of the NPCs are around, so no bank, no flight masters, no quest turn ins (I was very distressed, as I was busy trying to do my Elemental Spirit Tamers quest and get my pet!)

OMG I'm all alone!!!

Now this quest, starts off with having to kill 100 Mogu.  OMG, I thought that was going to take forever.  I grit my teeth and started to grind.  However, you find that as you are progressing through the kills, the August Celestials come to help.  They give you buffs so the killing goes a lot faster.

Once you hand that in you have to kill Zhao-Jin the Bloodletter, and I tell you now, doing it on a slow connection with a lousy laptop screen is no good.  I died quite a few times and decided to wait till I came home to try it again.

After a few more goes, I decided to do it as resto.  I can't do it melee, I think it's heaps easier to do as ranged.  Zhao-Jin does this black and red electricity attack which hurts A LOT, and he also throws his spear and you have to pick it up and throw it back to him to damage him.   You do a get a buff so you can jump really high to get over these lightning things.

  Here is the spear to throw.  You gotta be quick though!  It's like the first boss in Black Temple...

Yay I can do it as a healer!  Might have taken ages, but at least I lived!  And awesome epic neck as a reward!


  1. Congrats. I haven't finished the Golden Lotus yet, they take so much time, and I'd rather do the fun rep dailies than the practical ones :P

  2. Yay! And they gave such a nice reward, I love those guys, lol.

    I really liked the Zhao-Jin the Bloodletter one. I got a little overzealous about picking up the spear in the beginning and didn't jump fast enough but I was kind of sad when it was over. But I wish they'd clean up the bodies still laying around.


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