Elemental Spirit tamer battles - 10% drop rate on pets

I never would have thought I would be lucky at getting these things elementals to drop.  I battle them every day (though there was a hiatus of 3 days when I could not for the life of me get the earth elemental down and I gave up in fits of rage) and I have managed to get a drop of every single one.

I have had a fire, a water, 2 air and one earth drop for me so far.  It makes me wish I wasn't so impatient - the day before my water one dropped I just bought one on the AH for 10k gold ><

Wowhead says the drop rate varies from 9-13% for these little babies, so keep trying, they do drop!

Pets used: Eternal Strider (pump pump pump pump), Amethyst Spiderling (brittle web, poison spit, leech life) and  Nordrassil Wisp (Soul Ward, flash, beam)

I'm not sure why these ones drop for me so often, compared to other people.  I might be just lucky.  I haven't seen a Porcupette yet and I do my pet battle masters tamers every day.  However, I have had a number of class specific Flawless Battle stones.  So far I've received 2 Dragon, 2 Critter, 2 Magic, and undead Flawless Battle Stones.  I used max level pets in the master tamer battles, so it's nothing to do with level.  I did wonder if it was something to do with using bought pets (like TCG) but they seemed to drop even if you did use a high end pet.  Wowhead says the droprate is about 0.1% from the bags.

I should sell one to make up the 10k I paid for my other one, but I can't help myself, I keep giving them away.  I wonder who the next lucky recipient will be? :D

Edit: OMG got another fire and an air today!


  1. Nice! Congrats on the set and you are lucky with those stones. I've still only seen one flawless class one and one generic.

    1. Thanks! I am not sure why I am so lucky this week - might be a birthday buff :P

  2. Grats on your pets and the stones. That is pretty lucky. But it also seems like your pretty persistent too.

  3. Grats on all those pets! As much as I've pounded on the Burning Tamer still no pet. And forget Thundering, I only do it when I feel powerful so that means I skip it most days!

  4. Hrm...seems there is some money to be made here. Course, Tum's not even 90...and he's Holy....with 0 hit rating...

  5. Those are just gorgeous!
    Grats on ur pets!
    I really need to start doing pet battles again.

  6. Grats on the pets. Mine aren't even level 25 yet lol, so I haven't had the opportunity to try for them.


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