Beating Pandaren Spirit Tamers - Navi's strategy

In Patch 5.1, four Pandaren spirit tamers appeared in Pandaria.  You get the starting quest from Gentle San at the Shrine of Two Moons (Horde), which is to defeat all 4 Spirit Tamers and then you can choose one of the 4 as a pet!

They are actually very challenging!  Much harder than any of the other tamers.

So I'll start with the easiest one for me - Burning Pandaren Spirit
Townlong Steppes 57.0, 42.2

This one uses more than dragon/flying/fire attacks:
Crimson (Dragonkin with Breath, Cyclone and Lift-off)
Glowy (Flying with Swarm, Confusing Sting and Glowing Toxin)
Pandaren Fire Spirit (Elemental with Conflagrate, Immolate and Cauterise)

I used my Dark Whelpling, Grell and a Shore Crab.  I used my Dragon against the Dragon (call Darkness is strong against Dragonkin), the Grell was to combat against Glowy and the Shore Crab against the Pandaren Spirit.  Gotta love whirlpool.

Jade Forest 28.8, 36.0
The Whispering Pandaren Spirit uses Flying attacks:
Dusty (Critter with Moth Balls, Moth Dust and Cocoon Strike)
Whispertail (Dragonkin with Flyby, Slicing Wind and Wild Winds)
Pandaren Air Spirit (Elemental with Slicing Wind, Wild Winds and Soothing Mists)

I used my Dark Whelpling, Gregarious Grell and Black Lamb, but I should probably substitute my Lamb with my Oily Slimeling instead.

Dread Wastes 61.2, 87.6

The Flowing Pandaren Spirit uses pets with water attacks:
Marley (Aquatic with Pump, Dive and Whirlpool)
Tiptoe (Critter with Water Jet, Healing Wave, Tidal Wave)
Pandaren Water Spirit (Elemental with Whirlpool, Geyser, Tidal Wave)

Can't go wrong with a flyer here.  I used a Bat with my Dark Whelpling and my Gregarious Grell, and got it first go.  The second time I substituted the Grell for my Shore Crab and that went fine too.

Kun-Lai Summit 64.9, 93.6

Now THIS is my nemesis.  The Thundering Pandaren Spirit is a challenge to beat EVERY time, and I still haven't got the perfect combination for it.

The team it sends out consists of
Pandaren Earth Spirit (Elemental with Crystal Prison, Stone shot and Rupture)
Darnak the Tunneler (Beast with Burrow, Stoneskin, Stone rush)
Sludgy (Critter with Ooze Touch, Creeping Ooze and Expunge)

I found the best success with Black Lamb (critter), Dark Whelpling (dragonkin) and my Shore Crab (aquatic).  The Pandaren Earth Spirit stuns your first pet with the Crystal Prison and then gets a free shot at you with rupture, and since its speed is usually faster than yours, your pet will be close to death.  I used my critter first to be able to escape the prison, so that I could attack on the second attack.  I used stampede to cause double damage to the earth spirit and then I switched to my Dark Whelpling and cast Call Darkness so it would cause a decent 1k+ attack and then hopefully take it out with a tail swipe after.  Darnak is the killer with his burrow and stone rush.  I used Take off with my Dark Whelpling to get out of some attacks and then I had my crab doing whirlpool, heals and a surge so I could hopefully get the first attack.  Sludgy is not too bad to get, with my Dark Whelpling's Tail sweep and hopefully misses a bit because of being blinded.  Tome of the Ancient told me that she used a Nordrassil Wisp with excellent results against Darnak.  Souglyy tells me that she has great results with a water strider against the elemental (using pump), and Spawn of Onyxia against Darnak (using flying, tail swipe and heal).

And which pet did I choose as my quest reward?  I chose the fire spirit, because it was the easiest to kill and I hated it the least.

Apparently there is a chance to get the other spirits as each Pandaren Spirit is now a daily.  However, it seems to be bugged - a lot of people I know have done the daily once but we have not been able to do it again.  Perhaps it's weekly?
(Edit: It's fixed now!)

Edit: However, one thing I learned when you do this quest... TAKE THE EARTH ONE!  Each spirit only drops from the one you battle, so sily me took the easiest one when I should have taken the hardest.

But in other news, I finally got a Flawless Critter battle stone!  I am not sure which critter I would like to upgrade, but I'm sure I'll find one that is appropriate.  Maybe that Ram...


  1. Yay! You got one! Now the hard part is deciding which pet to upgrade, it took me forever to pick.

    I don't think I'm going to do the Thundering Pandaren Spirit daily ever. I might just fly up there and make /rude gestures at him though, lol.

    1. Heh I would but I want those other spirits!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Cym. Hope yours drops for you soon!

  3. This gives me hope that the others will go down pretty easy. The Thundering spirit was my first of the four and I beat him first try using Shore Crab, Clefthoof Runt and Robo-chick. Pretty excited to go up against the rest now.

    1. If you got it easy the rest will be cake for you! Thanks heaps for visiting and good luck with your bag drops :)

  4. For the Thundering Spirit, I used the Leopard Tree Frog, the Nether Faerie Dragon and the Adonized Robo Cub, the combination worked very well, with a bit of luck thrown in


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