Wednesday raiding - A trying night

I was in a foul mood.  I was trying to put the kids to bed and my phone was ringing.  I thought it would stop.  It did, but it started again, different ringtone.  Then it rang again.  It was downstairs and the kids could hear it because they sat up and said my phone was ringing.  I told them to sleep but they wanted to get out of bed to get my phone, so I went down and picked up my phone and answered it rather abruptly.  It was Aza and they were looking for Falln because he hadn't turned up for raid.  I took my phone back upstairs, and the kids were all standing at the staircase looking at me.  I chased them back into the bedroom and no sooner had I lay down, the phone rang again.  It was Lushnek, looking for Falln.  I was really abrupt on the phone and Lushnek apologised and I went back to the kids.  5 minutes later the phone rang again - my sister had locked herself out of the house.  I had to get up again and let her back in.  I was infuriated!  It was 915pm and the kids were still awake because of the interruptions and I could not get them to sleep.  My daughter fell asleep fortunately soon after, but my son was still awake at raid time and I had to take him downstairs with me before he woke his sister with his wailing.

So I growled at my guildies for their inconsiderate interruptions and went to raid with a thundercloud over my head.  My son did not help, because we were doing Vizier in HoF and I was trying to avoid the attenuation sound bubbles (I mouse run and keyboard strafe for it) and he kept bumping my hand I ran into bubbles and died.  I looked like an absolute idiot noob player.  And this was after I had just given Gutsy a long lecture about playing like an idiot.  It happened a few more times and I was so angry after the 3rd or 4th death I had to attenuation that I ripped my headset off and stomped upstairs with my son in my arms to try to put him back to bed.  I was unsuccessful but at 1030 he was yawning and I said I needed a break and I took him upstairs and within 2 minutes he was asleep.  Hallelujah!  I rushed back downstairs and started being able to play properly, I was getting a bit cheered up.

However, Vizier was still not going well.  We could get to phase 2 easily and make it through the first 2 attenuations and a shield, but the MCs would utterly destroy us.  We got close, but no banana, and we decided to give it up at a bit past 11pm and head to Mogu'shan Vaults to get a little bit more gear.

The Dog combination was the bad one - chains, ices and purple pools and we were 2 healing it for a while.  But my frustration was building again because the tanks were CONSTANTLY having bad explosions.  You think that one or two would be tolerable, but 3 or 4 each time was making me infuriated.  I don't have enough cooldowns to get through that many!  So we asked Priestietute to heal again and we managed to get it down on our last attempt.  Gutsy got a cloak and Sabre got a chest and I ducked off after that to do dailies and things.

Hopefully tonight it will go well, we'll pick up some gear and we can go back into HoF and tackle Vizier again.  We were 2 healing it and it seemed to go a bit better, I think.  Fingers crossed.


  1. Hopefully it will go a lot better for you tonight :)

  2. We got him last night two healing. It actually worked out better because we had more dps on the platforms. For the MC platform we had everyone stack up near the wall and kept the dot classes off the MC people. As soon as we hit the final phase we popped lust and went to town.

    I have faith you guys will get him down!

    1. It's just the final phase we seem to lose it a bit! Platforms all go well with 2 healing because of the extra DPS (especially when there is only one lot of MCs!) but in the last phase everyone is just everywhere and it turns into a gigantic mess!

    2. Oooh and grats on getting him down! Is it a him? Or an IT?

  3. I think like ants, they are all hims with one queen. But that is just my thought.

    We had our druid healer (zarm) put symbiosis on Slice (who went shadow) for the fight and we used our bad tranq during phase 4.

    Originally we were using it during the bubble platform, but when we changed it to phase 4 it helped out more.


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