Wednesday raiding - A good run

We had a pretty good run in our group last night.  A shame the loot didn't reflect that.  Isn't it funny how stuff drops in our raid that the other raid needs?

We have DE'd the Daggers from the dogs TWICE now.  Roshii would love to have them but he's never even seen them.  We had a few attempts at the dogs last night before we got it, but we all managed to get the Must Love Dogs achievement.  A simple achievement, all you have to do is have a dog vanity pet out.  I admit I thought of Tome of the Ancient when I first saw this achievement, because she does love dogs.  Wowhead says the pets that can count as dogs are:
Also, foxes are counted as dogs for the achievement. I guess they are in the canine family still.
We can confirm that Perky Pug and Curious Wolvar Pups are counted because we used those in our achievement.  We had 10 people alive at the end as well.  Gutsy had some mouse issues on dogs, to which Slurs told us we should be using Grid and Clique.  I dunno, I might give it a whirl, I might not.  But for the whole night, all my failures in healing and positioning I said were due to me not having Grid :)

Next up was Feng and that was damned messy.  Gara'jal was at least a one shot, but we had our secret weapon - a mod!  The mod was awesome and Lushnek and Slurs could focus on doing their jobs instead of trying to figure out whose turn it was to go to the spirit realm.  The mod would have been better if GUTSY learned to read, because he went when it wasn't his turn and he copped a mouthful from me. He died towards the end but we got it down and we were all really happy - Gara'jal is usually a bit of a poop for us.  The Spirit Kings went down ok but it wasn't a brilliant kill - we had lots of dead people and we killed it RIGHT on the enrage - even I was doing LOLdps. 

So in the last half hour of the raid we went to Heart of Fear and our healing was NOT so good as last Thursday.  But we have tonight to work on it.  I picked up 2 pieces of mainspec loot - Spaulders of the Divided Mind and Feng's Ring of Dreams.  I had both of these loots from LFR already... I was really wanting the helm!  I haven't been lucky with that from LFR or raid (Lushnek has it and Leesin has it from the other raid) but I now have the rep to buy it from Shado-pan.  However, I decided to buy legs from Klaxxi instead of the helm because I'm cheap.  Meta gems are expensive and I only JUST got a new helm last week and I don't really want to fork out another 1k for a new metagem.  Legs however are cheap to enchant since I'm a tailor so I decided to go with that.

The other group was working on Elegon, and I'm not sure what drops they got in their group, but they 2 healed dogs and Feng.  Bladewind is back so Shaman/Pally power will get them through :)  I wonder who their extra person was...


  1. Sorry you didn't get a new hat but YAY! you got what really counts, you guys love dogs! Most excellent achievement of all!

  2. Strangely, there isn't a "Must Love Oozes" achievement.

    1. Hmm. Oh! There is a "Dances with oozes" achievement though!


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