Wednesday raid - Merging the raid groups

Starting today Fue said we were having one raid group.  I didn't think I could make it as I was going to be getting on at 9pm.  However, as I logged in, Roshii had to log and I somehow got into the raid.  That was nice for me but a bummer for Roshii.

There were 3 from our group and 7 from their group.  Balinar managed to get up so he was in, and Lushnek was there too.  Fue and Raked were tanking and Bish and Voe were healing.  I wasn't sure if I was needed TBH, but I was happy to go for Feng because I wanted my hat.  No luck there though.

It was interesting seeing how people do things differently.  Bal and I asked at the same time which side do they put the fires on for Feng.  They do the right side.  OK, well that's interesting, since we do left.  But it's not hard to adapt.  But as I listened to them Raked and Fue would make little mistakes with casting the copied abilities, which wasn't unlike our own raid.  Or maybe they were having an off day.  I guess I always looked at the 830 group as perfect execution.  They use bloodlust at the last part of phase 2 for healing, which I was a bit surprised.  But it didn't bother me, it was fine.

Then we did Garajal and introduced them to our mod that we use.  Bish went DPS and we asked how did they normally do it, and Fue said Voe usually yells it out.  Kinda like what we used to do, but at least this way it was easier - just read the names off.  Went pretty smoothly IMO, and didn't even have to get Lush or Bish to use tranquility.  Shamans are just OP heals I think :)  Health seemed really good and stable.

Then we got to Spirit Kings.  Now, Fue really showed his colours there.  His version of running in a straight line was about 15 degrees off.  So when we ran Qiang for his annihilate all of us were bunched up except for Fue who was standing on his own.  And he told us to stack on him, but by then it was too late because he died in the massive attack.  And then the next time we wiped, flanking orders was coming so Fue runs right and then suddenly turns and runs left after we all followed him right!   So of course he dies to the next massive attack.  I just had to laugh and I said I was never going to pick on Tout again!  Tout jumped in for that boss to see if he could get the shield, but no luck.  However, true to form, 2 leather agility items dropped in those 3 bosses I turned up for, and Raked was happy he got one.  I already had them both.  See, I told you I bring the agi leather to the raid.

Then I got to see Elegon for the first time in normal mode.  They did a good job explaining it but I still felt like I was running around like a headless chook, and running in and out of the lightning thing was a bit messy for me and I wasn't watching where Voe was for healing the tank, so I wasn't executing it well.  However, after 2 goes I did get the hang of it a bit, and if I do it again I'll be better.

Now the question is - will I be able to come tonight?  I can't get on at 830, so I wonder what's going to happen.  Maybe I'll be sitting out for Bladewind.

Anyway, I did LFR Terrace of Endless Spring and walked out with 2 upgrades - Tier helm and some boots. So I was pretty happy with that.  Now I've got the achievement Mystically Epic, thanks to offspec staff.