Thursday raiding - First look in Heart of Fear

After work Tout had a hot date
So he said to me "I'm running late"
I let our raid team members know
Hi Ho Hi Ho - it's off to raid we go!

Bleh, bad poetry at an early time of morning.

The other team didn't raid... Aza had bad net and Voe had basketball so he was running late.  What a bummer :( And Fue didn't do DKP!!! Argh!  So we had to

So we went to go finish of spirit kings.  We finally got a clean attempt in with very little death!  Balinar got Girdle of Delirious Visions for offspec and Sabre got Amulet of the Hidden Kings. Oh and I got a cool trash drop!  On Wednesday we got Jade Charioteer Figurine, which Balinar snapped up gleefully, and last night I got Jade Courtesan Figurine.  Yay my first DKP loot in the instance!  We got that down after a few goes and then we decided to go look at the first boss in Heart of Fear - the new instance in the Dread Wastes that opened on Wednesday.  I knew that we didn't have the DPS for Elegon, and we all needed to gear up a little, so off we went.

A fair bit of trash in there - but no epic trash drops POOPIES!  That trash has no agro!  Stack stack stack AOE = win.  Lots of those pulls.

The first boss in there, Imperial Vizier Zor'lok has an interesting mechanic - it's got mixtures of all sorts of other fights in there!

Simple story:
3 elevated platforms, on each he has a different ability.  There is toxic fumes which hurt you and silence you on the ground below these platforms and you have to run thru it to get to each platform - AND so you don't dawdle through it he does an ability called Song of the Empress that does damage when nobody is in melee range of him.  After you fight him on each one he goes to the middle and you fight him where he has all the abilities.  Kill him = win.

Our story:
One platform, he does something like Malygos - he breathes out this toxic stuff, but he makes 3 little bubbles you can hide under to reduce your damage by 40%.  But that's still a lot of damage, and 60k per tick per person is a F***ton of healing!  And, only 4 people beneath each bubble or it pops and no more protection.  We found it hard without a cooldown on each breath.  Luckily there are 3 of us and 3 cds.  And we need to all stop standing in the same bubble...  Why are melee running to the ranged bubble???

Another platform, he emits painful sound waves much like Atramedes, except these ones split into two when they touch someone and they reflect off the walls!  Here is what we said about it during the raid...
"OMG I got cornered!"
"I was fine until someone touched one next to me and I got hit by the split..."
"I'm trapped I'm trapped!"
"Strafe man, that's the easiest."
"I like running around in a bit circle dodging."
"Melee sucks, can I heal this fight instead?"

On the last platform he does mind controls.  We didn't get to see that platform, we were having too much fun bouncy sound circles and hiding under bubble shells.  But we got to see it and it just needs work, so we will go back in there again to try it on Monday.