Sunday raiding - Elegon down + Day 1 of Eclipse holiday

I am on holidays but at least I still get to hear the guild gossip, and the other team got Elegon down!  Woohoo!  Grats Frostwolves!  Now we are 5/6 :)

It was executed nearly perfectly, and they got an achievement too!  Straight Six which was pretty awesome for a first kill!  I think they even had 45 seconds left on the enrage timer. 

Details are sketchy at this stage (since everyone is asleep) so I am instead going to write a little about my holiday.

I've taken a week off to head up to tropical far north Queensland to see the solar eclipse on 14 November early in the morning.  Packing all our summer holiday clothes, cameras and computers, we told the kids what was happening and my son seemed very excited to go see planes.  They were quite good on the plane, and because they were attached to Hyad's tickets they were sitting with him whilst I sat down the back, far far away.

Lining up for our rental car, I just had to laugh at my poor luck in standing in the queue that was the slowest, whilst both queues on either side of me served 3 people each before I got to the front!  The guy at the car rental said it's been a really busy week, with 50,000- 60,000 extra visitors pouring into the area for the Eclipse.  I wonder where NASA will be this year.  Poor kids were starving and restless, but we got into our car and the kids didn't fight over the baby seats, and off we went to check out the Esplanade which had great lagoons for kids to play (pic from Cairns Esplanade website).

I was hoping the kids would get some chance to play but after lunch we had to go check into our hotel (which wasn't in Cairns, it was in Port Douglas).  Here's a picture of the eclipse path.  Everything within the path outlined will see totality, but the closer you are to the centre line, the longer the eclipse will be.

Queensland has no daylight savings so it's an hour earlier here than it is back home.  I hope we can get up in time!  On Monday we're heading out to the Great Barrier Reef - it will be so exciting!