Rewards for not raiding

Gutsy had a family emergency so no raiding.  Very sad panda now!  I will be going on holidays so our group won't be raiding for the whole of next week.  I was really disappointed, I was looking forward to getting Vizier down, and I was too busy sulking about it that I forgot to send a text message to Balinar so that he wouldn't have to wake up at 3am for raid.

Sev went to help the other raid do Elegon, and I think they got pretty close.

In fact, I was surprised how lucky I was, really.  I decided to do Darkmoon dailies and thought oh, it's nearly time for the pit fight, so I asked Sev to come help me.  Voe was late because of basketball and Roshii started to organise a Sha group.  Sev dropped to go, and I didn't want to go... it was 10 minutes till the pit fight!  But reluctantly I went, and grumbled all the way.  Sev told me there would be other times.

So we did Sha, and Broll did the most healing and when I told him that he had done great healing, he said look at my overheals.  It's about preventing damage.  Hmm, ok.  I don't think I'll look.  But you did great anyhow!  I was mind controlled for a long time so there was no healing from me and I had blown a tranq while MC'd... which annoyed me.

So we killed Sha, and I got tier gloves!  So it was good that I came!  Sev said, maybe if we hurry back we might be lucky.  It was 9:02.  I guess it doesn't hurt to look.  I hurried back and made my way down, and to my surprise, the chest was inside the arena still - and nobody was in there!  I rushed over to grab it and OMG, it was mine!

Woot! So I was pretty excited, I guess good things happen when you're not raiding.  Tier gloves and an achievement?  Lucky old me!


  1. Grats on that Darkmoon Duelist, I never think to look! It's your no-raiding reward!

    1. I am so pleased! Well good things do happen when things look kinda blue...

  2. Every cloud has a silver lining. Although I think you found gold. Grats on your gloves and achievement!

  3. Grats on your gear and achievement! The Sha dropped the same T14 gloves for me last night that I had already gotten two weeks before /facepalm


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