Rare hunters Map - Jade Forest

There are so many rares out there, that I really need a map to find out where they all spawn!  It's all very nice that people write posts about getting the rare items with pictures so I can see what it looks like so I know what I'm looking for, but it doesn't help me much if I don't know where it is!

Going back and forth through various Wowhead items, and flicking to my friend Euphyley's maps was just getting too hard for me, so I decided to make a map of Jade Forest where EVERY rare spawn that counts towards an achievement is.

Thanks to Euphyley for letting me use her Jade Forest Map and letting me scribble on it!  And thank you to Kanegasi for that awesome comment in Wowhead so I can find everything!  And thanks Cymre for having pics so I can see what each item looks like.

So now, armed with my map, I can do a circuit of Jade Forest looking for all these rares so I can hopefully get them.  Click on it to get the full sized map.

It gets a bit confusing with all the rainbow colours, so I marked all the Lost and Found items in brown with a number next to them.

So much to my excitement, I found my first one yesterday!  It was the Ancient Jinyu Staff, which really was one of two I had been looking for because I could remember where it was, and I was thrilled to see something shining in the water.  It's easiest to look for it when you're swimming in the water (though you can see it when you're flying about it too) but just in case your graphics aren't good, go for swimming in the water in that length of stream that I marked on the map next to (1).  At least it sparkles!  That helps a lot.

The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick (2) is found INSIDE the mine.  The Hammer of Ten Thunders is usually found lying against a wall in those areas I've marked with a (3).  The Jade Warrior Statue (4) and Wodin's Mantid Shanker (5) are single spot spawns so they can be a bit hard to see on my map.  Wodin's Mantid Shaker spawns in Owen's wishing well.

I hope you find this map for making your rares circuit trail useful!  I will make more in the future so I can hopefully get pictures of all these rares!


  1. Ooh this will be handy! Ive just upgraded to MoP and this will give me a little side-project whilst I'm in the Jade Forest. Thanks & Gz on the staff :)

    1. Thanks! Wish I had someone to give it to though...

  2. This will be great! I haven't even started looking for the Lost and Found items so this will help a lot. So much to do and now 5.1 coming too!

  3. Grats on the staff Navi! Finding treasure is just way too fun! ^-^ I love that they added stuff like this to the game!

  4. Try installing TomTom. Then just create macro's with all the points, and before you start looking hit all the macros once. Then as you find them you just delete the lines from the macro of the ones you find so you don't forget and keep looking for them the next time out.


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