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Server shutdown when I'm in the middle of dailies.  Brilliant!

Luckily EU servers aren't shutting down.  Perfect time for a Navispam!  I decided to try my luck on Earthen Ring to see if I could see any of the crew from the podcast Girls Gone WoW... now if I can only remember what guild they were in...

Sil, Raven, EJ and Rob don't really write about their characters in their tweets, but fortunately I did ask them about where I could find them during the show!  But, silly me forgot to ask what names to find them under.... I hope their guild is friendly!

I had written down the server and guild they were in, so when I made my toon there, I did a /who and found 4 people on.  One of them surely will let me know if those famous podcasters are on, right?  Oh and I made a gnome because I remember EJ making some silly talk about a gnome druid.  The idea was so bizarre I thought I'd make a gnome and have pink hair because I will NEVER get pink hair on any other toon.

Oooh but wait!  One of the toons has EJ in their name!  Dare I hope that is THE EJ?  I send a tell and eagerly await a response.  I get a polite response in reply and I'm wriggling in excitement, when she says yes she is EJ from GGW.  Woot!  Score!  I asked if I could take a pic with her and she said yes!  She also told me Rob was on as well, so I said "Oh oh oh, let me scare him with some stalker talk!"

So I whisper Rob's toon, and say that I'm a big fan of the show and his voice and would he mind if I could take a pic with him?  He said I could :)  Though there is one thing I noticed much to my mortification...

Rob is a NElf Hunter.

Thank GOD he wasn't on the show when I did my interview because I was making fun of NElf hunters!  The stereotypical starting race and class for most people in WoW, especially under the age of 16! 

So EJ came to pick me up and she liked my choice of gnome and pink hair... I wonder why? :P  She led me out of the scary gnome starting zone.  Rob met us at the lift and I managed to grab a quick picture.

Then we went off to take some pics up near Ironforge because the snow is so pretty.  EJ stopped to show me a cool dwarf in a tree with bears trying to get him...

Pets were bugging out on the rocky doorway so we moved to the snow for more screenshot fun.  EJ pulled out pet after pet for me to admire - she has a TURNIP!!! - and then Rob brought out a fascinating quest item that was really cool, a seashell!

I chatted about the show (I have been listening to it today and it was a long one!) Raven was at work and Sil was not online so I will have to come back at a later time to get back to them.  I was glad to hear that EJ was feeling better, and I think Rob was a little bemused by my excitement to Navispam them.  I was sad to hear that he hadn't caught any rare hunter pets yet, but I should have asked him to show me some of his lost and found stuff!  If you keep that junk, that is.

Anyway thank you EJ and Rob for letting me Navispam you!  I will be back to collect the other two so we shall meet again!


  1. YES YES YES! Haha... of course Rob has one of those slutty seashells :P

    1. Is that alliance only? I want one now!

    2. You obviously missed Fabulor posing in one!

    3. Oh! yay Horde can get it! Yes I missed Fabulor posing in one, I will have to go find his sexy BE ass now...


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