Monday raiding - Small steps

Slurs spoke to me before raid when I was preparing for raid by ah.... doing some pet battling.  It was... good for my morale and well, I know that technically it doesn't bring me food to buff myself for raid, nor does it get me herbs to make my flasks for raid, it was definitely preparing for raid because I was totally getting my mind into battle mode.  Seriously.

So Slurs was talking to me saying that he's seen the damage required for that fight and it's as much as Elegon.  Which we know that we don't have the DPS for.  Aza made the comment yesterday wondering why we weren't going to do Elegon, and Roshii replied saying "They're too scared!"  I think it's more that we know that we can't do it, so we might as well try for something else, right?  No point bashing our heads when we know we're not going to get anywhere.

Priestie was sick with migraines and was vomitting and drugged out.. Slurs was being a big meanie by telling her off for being too loud when she was sick.  So I said we would call raid early if we weren't getting anywhere...

We brought Tout in and he wasn't as noobie as he had been (Hyad had fallen asleep with the kids), even not knowing the fight, but then, he wasn't tanking.  I did a quick explanation of the fight to him, fully expecting him to do a Balinar and die within 2 seconds from the first sound bubble - which he did.  We managed to get to phase 2 - which is where we all run to the middle and he does all the platform abilities.  We were so excited!  Actually we were pretty excited to get to the 3rd platform which is the mind control platform and I tell you, those DAMN FEARS from warriors and warlocks is the PITS!  We started to say blow your cool downs before you get MC, which hopefully will get rid of those annoying abilities!  When we got to phase 2 we cheered!  And we even got a bloodlust off just before Sabrehawk died (see! He at least served hsi purpose /grin)  Interestingly we didn't see an enrage timer, so we might have a shot at this boss if our DPS is still a bit behind.  What did please me was that healing was good for the turtle shield phase, between the 3 of us we were doing our cooldowns well.  What I kept stuffing up was hitting the ground in 2nd phase, when I'd tranq at the wrong one, or I would be standing in the shield bubble under his feet and die because then he would do the sound bubble ability and I hadn't moved out. Ugh, I looked like an absolute idiot.  I hate to think what everyone else thought!  Balinar and Sabre need to work on their sound bubble dance moves though...

It was really encouraging.  Though we didn't get him below 25% we had made some definite progress, so that come Wednesday and Thursday we can hopefully fine tune our stuff.  I'm really pleased with the healing we did for that fight, and we have emergency backups from Lushnek as well as the two paladins if needed.  However, mana is a real issue here.  The damage is high from all the abilities, so I feel like I really need to get off the platforms at almost full mana.  I can't wait till Wednesday!

Navi's list of things she has to remember:
  1. Don't stand in the middle turtle shield in phase 2!
  2. Tranq on the SECOND turtle shield... ALL TIMES!
  3. Symbiosis on someone... anyone
  4. Click that spirit trinket as soon as its up
  5. Mana cooldowns early!!!


  1. At least you're doing other things besides battling which is more than I can say for myself. I can't stop, I don't read, I don't write, help, help, I need an intervention, lol!

    1. Lol you know what will happen. You will just find some other craze to latch onto. Holy moly you have a lot of level 25 pets!


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