Monday raiding - Anything you can do...

We managed to at least get Mogu'shan Vaults done this week, and have a go or two at Vizier in Heart of Fear but Gutsy's connection was crap and we ended up 9 manning a lot.  Which was a bummer.  I swear, Gutsy's connection and his playstyle is only crap when he plays with us... he seems fine when he plays with the Empire on his druid.

However, we did manage to get the achievement Anything you can Do, I can do better... from Feng which was pretty cool - Thanks Tout!

Tout was pretty cranky during that fight because he kept missing the stuns and he was frustrated and angry with himself but lashed out a bit at us when we tried to help him.  He was contrite afterwards.

Priestie was on her mage Frostie and it was nice letting Sabre have a bit of a rest from bloodlust.  In fact, I totally forgot that she was there on her mage sometimes!

I managed to pick up some offspec loot AGAIN.  I got a staff which was a huge upgrade from what I was using before (Screaming Tiger, Qiang's unbreakable Polearm)

Today is Wednesday, my favourite day of the week.  Looking forward to seeing if my hat will drop.


  1. *mumble* Feng.. and his bloody stuns.. *curses*

  2. It's ok. I just thought it was because you suck :p

  3. Don't panic Tout, every off-tank I've seen has problems getting the stuns perfect. ;-)

  4. Grats on that achievement! I don't want Cat to see this, she'd be jealous of that polearm!


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