Mists of Pandaria - honouring Man's best Friend

I noticed one thing about this expansion, and I know Tome of the Ancient would like this a lot - there are a number of things dedicated to dogs.

In her Twisted nether Blogcast interview, one of the things Ancient wished for was a dog vendor.  Or more dogs in the game.  And it appears, that Blizzard must have listened.

Firstly, you can get a dog on your farm.  A real dog.  You find him as a quest in under a bush when your'e flying around the valley and then you end up with a dog as a permanent fixture there.

Secondly, there is an achievement in Mogu'shan vaults that you get from killing the Stone Guard (the dogs) that I wrote about in my last post called Must Love Dogs, where every member of the raid has to have a dog vanity pet out.  There are more dogs than I thought!

And thirdly, there is Humane Society, the achievement in Scarlet Halls where you kill the Houndmaster without killing ANY dogs in the instance.  I haven't done that yet but I think the next time I wander in there in a guild group I am doing it!


  1. Technically though called a Dog, the farm one is a Wolf! :) - or at least, uses a wolf model. One of the Worgen dogs would have a much more domesticated appearance.

  2. I know, I just love my farm dog, first thing every morning I hang out there with him. And I'm glad to hear about those two achievements! Yes, finally Blizzard is honoring dogs which is as it should be, lol!

    1. Hanging out with him while picking veggies right? Well he is a good pup I have to say.

  3. Interesting thing with the dog on your farm is the emote he does when you /pet him; so cute.


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