Minipost - Unexpected Sunday raiding

My plane was delayed coming back from my holiday so I didn't think I could make raid on Sunday.  However, my group was optimistic about going, so when I got on, we were going to Heart of Fear.  We had a few people with connection issues so we roped Roshii, Souglyy, Azadelta and Bladewind to come and see the first boss of Heart of Fear.

Balinar (Xarek) was asleep so I rang him and said "Hi Xar, it's Navi."
He replied "What? You've got the wrong number."
Oh crap, who have I rung at 3am in the morning??
"*Brian is that you?"
"*Brian Greaves?"
"Xar, it's Navi, get online to raid NOW.  Wake up!"
"Ok OK."
I hung up.  I felt really silly, and mean, for waking him up.

Balinar was going to heal but the DPS was so good that phases were short and we gave it a few goes 2 healing it.  We did get pretty close!

Gosh a whole week of valor and reputation missing.  A lot to catch up on.

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons


  1. That is what I am looking for: no not woken up at 3 but just some spontaneous fun!

    1. Heh I wonder what you would do to me if I woke you at 3!

  2. Ouch Navi...
    Keywords "Holiday"; "Raid"

    AHHHHHH *Jealous*


  3. Come back ksret :) Yuda misses you...

  4. Come back ksret :) Yuda misses you...


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