Finally stepping into 3s arena

I was slightly disappointed yesterday.  I thought I wasn't going to be able to make raid, because I had a really late finish at work, but by some miracle I was home just in time to have hubby take the kids to bed which meant I could get straight onto the computer.  I was happy.

However, I wanted to update my mods like DBM and Skada, so I flew over to Mogu'shan Vaults, logged out (only told Lushnek though) and went to download mods.  Then I noticed that I was capped.  Well shit.

So I had to go buy a data block and then I got my mods installed and then I logged back in.  7 minutes too slow.  Raid was formed and they had gone without me.

So I logged into yelling from Sevros and Lushnek who were in raid and cranky that I had somehow abandoned them.  The twinge of disappointment was rapidly being washed away by thinking about getting some pets.  I went to do the final quest for Golden Lotus (which is getting a whole post on it) and then Shab got on so I went to PvP.

Shab nagged gently reminded me that I could upgrade my honour gear now so I went and did 2 items.  I was a few points shy of buying a conquest chest, so we went into some BGs.  First up was AV.  It was horrible.  It was full of turds, who were just being childish and not trying - surprising, I thought since it was full of people from PvP realms like Frostmourne, Jubei'thos and Mal'Ganissaid  that it would be a little more... PvP like.

Anyway, I asked Shab if we could do the double honour BG, which turned out to be Eye of the Storm.  The game was 2 all for a lot of it, and Alliance had captured one flag and I had managed to take it and hold it at Fel Reaver for a little bit.   Then Alliance came and I had to panic cap and then we had a bit of control for a while of the middle.  Alliance rallied halfway through and managed to assault and gain a 3rd base, but Horde ran and managed to grab another base.  As we neared the last 3 minutes, Shab and I noticed that Blood Elf Tower looked empty and he snuck over there and managed to solo cap it and that was a satisfying win.

After that we went into Twin Peaks, and there was a High Warlord feral druid who was amazing.  They must have come in as a partial group I think because he seemed to know what was going on in the BG on the offensive.  Alliance was quite good too, with a deadly warrior and a rogue + mage who were annoying the crap out of me.  The impressive points was the druid and me in the flag room waiting to cap, and 6 or 7 alliance came charging in (though maybe some were pets, all I saw was a whole heap of red names).  Shab was somewhere in the building but not in the immediate vicinity.  The cap had not returned but I was quickly overwhelmed and the druid managed to stay alive for a few more seconds and capped.  The second cap happened relatively smoothly and the reason I thought it was a team of friends was because the druid ran out of the room, and then ran back in just as the flag was returned.  Though he could have been just watching the EFC's health as well.  Before you knew it, the game was over, and I went to buy my new chest.

Shab was keen to try some arenas, so Sev invited him to our 2s team and Shab and I went to try it out a bit.  We lost one then won one.  Sev finished raiding (and netted an Elegon kill AND an achievement) so we decided to do some 3s.  We lost a fair few and won a couple so it was what we expected.  Shab asked me if I was feeling a bit tougher in BGs because he's found druids hard to kill.  I think when I'm silenced, stunned/feared and have my armour penetrated I'm not feeling particularly tough, even with my Barkskin.  What I do need more practice on is using my symbiosis.  I've been putting it on Shab so that I can have iceblock.  So far I haven't noticed any other druids in PvP using symbiosis  much, so I guess only time will tell.

Oh how I've missed PvP and arena.  Maybe this one team thing isn't so bad after all.  If only Sev and Shab were sat out at the same time as me.


  1. When I start playing Quidfitch I want you to be the announcer: damn girl I LOVE your "sports" commentaries!

  2. Oh thank you Matty! As long as y out don't mind hearing my disappointments too ...


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