What happens when you have 22 people who want to raid...

Well, it's one of those times I'm glad I'm not the guild leader.

It's difficult when you have to split the teams.  I understand that.  It's even more difficult to balance the teams!  However, what will usually happen is you get one good team and one mishmosh team.  And leftovers who feel sad.

As a member of team 2, I am in the mishmosh team.  But that's OK, I'm just happy to raid.

There are a few things I was sad about.  Our arena teammate had a misunderstanding and forgot to mention that he wanted to be in our raid team so we could arena together on the non raid day.  He wrote on his mail to Fue that he wanted to play Sundays so he could PvP Mondays.  What Shab should have said was that he wanted to be put with Navi and Sev.

I was hoping Bladewind would be with me so we could talk shop as well as raid, and then we could talk at work about it, but Fue wanted him to be in his group.

Gutsy doesn't like late raids, and he is in my group because he can't raid Sundays.  I can see the tension now as it approaches 11pm and he's sleepy and grouchy and falling asleep at the keyboard.

So, I'm in the 930pm late raid start team, which raids Wed, Thurs and Monday.  In my team I have a combination of:
  • Tout (prot warrior)
  • Slurs (prot pally)
  • Priestietute (disc/shadow priest)
  • Gutsy (disc priest)
  • Sabrehawk (hunter)
  • Sevros (warlock)
  • Raked (feral druid)
  • Lushnek (moonkin druid)
  • Navimie (resto druid)
  • Moopie (fury warrior)
  • Balinar (ret paladin)
So... it will be an interesting mix with 3 druids, 2 warriors, 2 priests, 2 paladins, a warlock and a hunter.  Where's the bloodlust?

I think the other group has:
  • Fueghan (prot paladin)
  • Zarrianissa (blood dk)
  • Roshii (rogue)
  • Souglyy (hunter)
  • Biship (holy priest)
  • Voe (resto shaman)
  • Bladewind (holy paladin)
  • Shabadu (mage)
  • Azadelta (warlock)
  • Fallnapart (fury warrior)
Anyway, fingers crossed that I can coax Shab away for PvP.  Maybe if I convince him that arena on Sundays is better than raiding on Sundays.... :D then I can have bloodlust in my group!

Unfortunately, it looks like Hyad and Fleckso didn't get raid spots :(

Good luck for tonight everyone!  For my group, as our first time, it's going to be a bit of an eye opener. Let's see how bad Gutsy is this time at staying close to who he's chained to for the first boss... :D


  1. Well you guys still have Sabrehawk for lust at least, but unfortunately you have to choose between 10% melee/ranged haste and bloodlust as his pets also provide that - for some the static buff will be better overall. It was really hard to balance it all between people's preferences for day/time.

    The reasons I didn't swap shab around is because you need 3 ranged in each team - so between Lushnek (the raid leader), Sevros (the other PvP team member) and Sabrehawk there was only one choice - and if I move sabre then you have less buff options AND we have both hunters in one group.

    Healer wise I didn't have a choice, all 3 healers in your team needed the later time.

    It was rather unfortunate I couldn't fit Hyad and Fleckso in as both have been with us for so long (and he is your hubby after all), but we just had too many melee/tanks already and I'd already promised the spots to others.

    Personally I would have loved to have at least one druid in our team, I was really looking forward to some symbiosis fun :(

  2. When the Effers had an excess of raiders, we used the Suicide Kings looting system by role - i.e. DPS had a rotation, heals hat a rotation, and tanks had a rotation. So basically if you raided, you moved to the bottom of the rotation until someone else raided and moved below you far enough to pop you to the top. Well, more or less. It's on the googles if you're interested. Won't take too much research for a good RL to sort that out.

    Being DPS, I got sat a number of times, but it was cool because other DPS got a shot, and we thus had a larger pool to draw from, since otherwise, the extras would have wandered off to find a home with active raiding slots.

    Not everybody liked it, they felt they should always have a slot if they showed up, and a couple /gquit because of that, but I have no regrets on that. I'm sure they found a home eventually.

    1. Grimm that is a really interesting idea! I know suicide kings from a loot perspective and applying it that way is novel! Our guild probably will just stick with the groups and maybe start alt or weekend runs.

  3. Why don't you just recruit me and start a 25 man!?

    I am joking of course.

  4. Hmmmm. I would say I could lvl something over there! But the time difference would kill me!

    But GL! Go go Frosties

  5. No Monks? That makes me a (wait for it) ... sad Panda :)

  6. Hi again

    The way I look at raiders in a new expac with new content you need the measure who will be there for the long haul and who will drop off in time. Lucky for us group one consists of most of the fireland and dragon soul heroic raiders so the chemistry is there. Group two which really has had one raid night has a few new returners and new raiders as well as some heroic raider from previous tiers. Get good leadership and both groups will thrive!!

    Just my two cents

    Voe :)

  7. Aw, I felt bad for the 2 people who were left out. Kind of like when you're playing The Boat Is Sinking and you get left out. :( No chance of having 11-man teams and rotating people in? We usually have 11-12 people on each team so we're not screwed if someone can't make it.


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