Tough decisions: Pets vs PvP

The other night after raid Shab asked if we could do one game of PvP with me and Sev, and I was off looking for Minfernals.  I had recently friended Ratshag (OMG FANBOY /fans self furiously) and I wanted to help him with his pet persuits.  No luck though, so off I went up to have a look at Storm Peaks and it was snowing!  And there were Arctic Fox Kits all over the place and no farmers in sight...

Ratters had one already... who else was around?  No Ancient, Chris or Eva... but Zwingli was on!  I asked him if he wanted to come up and grab one and I invited him to party with me and my PvP buddies, but then we couldn't queue for a BG /cry.  So he dropped from group and said next time, but I really wanted to help SOMEONE get a rare pet...

And who logged on at just the right time?  McTacky!  I told him and straight away he was on his way up and he got an arctic fox kit!  Yay Tacky!  No Scourged Whelplings though :(

Now I did want to stay and try to grab a rare Arctic Fox kit.  But PvP was calling.... oh what to do!  In the end, PvP won out.  I don't get to play with Shab much so I need to grab any chance I can get.

So we did one BG and we won it THANK GOD, but I admit that with a lack of gear, I really notice my own mortality.  After that, Shab went to bed and Sev and I decided to try some arenas.  We lost a game or two but we did win one - it was against a paladin and a warlock.  And oh boy, was that a long fight.  I did think that we weren't going to win it - we had quite a few close calls.  But I think they must have gotten tired, because Sev managed to kill the paladin whilst the lock was on the far side of the room and then we polished off the warlock.

A stark contrast to last night - where we did a game with Shab and we did win it, I think, but that win was overshadowed in my mind by the abyssmal arenas we had.  I can't wait for 5.1 to come because hunters really need a nerf.  I did not last 3 seconds against a BM hunter with stampede.  I was so cranky by the end of the multiple losses against hunters, despite trying to charge and stun, asking Sev to fear, and trying to teleport, barkskin... I do have poor PvP gear, and that might be part of it but there is no way that is fair!  So from now on, hunters are my number one hate subject in PvP and I will do anything to cc them, kill them or focus them.

I also got to try the new battleground last night - Silvershard Mine.  It actually was quite fun - think mobile flag captures!  Little mine carts are moving around on tracks and if you tag them as yours, and it falls into the collection bin, then you win.  Like other flag capture nodes, the more people standing within the capture radius the faster you get it, but the difference is that the flag is moving.  We won it, and got an achievement, and I look forrward to more of that battleground again.

Anyway, tonight is raid night, and I am looking forward to trying the bosses again now that we are a little better geared, and hopefully we might have more success on that third boss this week :)  I do miss Shab though - I wish he was with us, so we could PvP properly.

Bladewind told me that he's going away this Thursday, so I am sure the other group will be fine 2 healing stuff after Wednesday, especially if they're working on the 5th boss.  I dunno, these young people, holidaying and jetsetting all the time!  I envy them :)


  1. I feel your pain.

    Yesterday, I was doing arenas with Tacticus. And when doing target callouts, I found myself bitterly saying "fucking hunter" instead of hunter. I'm currently incapable of saying "hunter" in a pvp situation, its always a "fucking hunter".

    On the bright side, any hunter we come across gets a face full of warrior and DK with EVERY SINGLE COOLDOWN popped. No quarter given.

    1. Hunters have become my new "pet hate" hahaha bad pun! They are the new rogue to me - I hate them with a passion!

  2. Silvershard Mine was pretty cool. I had a resto shammy accompany me to defend a cart and we held off several waves of allies. And we managed to steal an ally cart just seconds before it went into the collection bin too. I haven't come against too many hunters, but the ones that I have just silencing shot me off the bat and burst me down. Hopefully once we get better gear it won't be so painful. My pet hate at the moment are warriors and their spell reflects.


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