Time for Tamer Navimie of Azeroth to Open a Pet Store

I had an easier time with the Master Pet Tamers in Pandaria than Cataclysm!  Or perhaps it was because I was a bit wiser after my cataclysm battles.  I had to enlist the help of Cymre because I had difficulty finding the Master Tamer in KunLai Summit - hiding in a cave and I could not for the life of me find the entrance!

"It's hidden under the snow on the East side of the mountain," said Cymre.
Grand Master pet Tamer Aki looks so dainty with her cool umbrella.  But behind that cute exterior she packs some pet wallop!

Aki's pets:
Stormlash - Wild Crimson Hatchling (Dragonkin)
Chirrup - Red Cricket (Critter)
Whiskers - Golden Civet (Aquatic)

I was using:
Slime Oozeling (Magic)
Gregarious Grell (Humanoid)
Spiny Terrapin (Aquatic)

Stormlash was the hardest pet in her arsenal IMO.  The Tail sweep would hit for somewhere between 550-950!!  Really, the only way for me to win was to smash the other two down so I could get 2 or 3 of my own pets to last against Stormlash.  Chirrup was weak against Spiny Terrapin, and I used my Slime Oozeling against Whiskers when Spiny Terrapin died.  I think I managed to win only because I got a Phase Shift out on the Grell so I didn't get hit by those huge attacks for one turn, allowing me one or two extra hits onto Stormlash.

Achievement spam!

So, I got my 400 achievement points in pet battles, earning me a Jade Tentacle, and here I am with my new pet and title! :D


  1. Grats on reaching the pinnacle of Pet Taming perfection! The little creatures of Azeroth, they all love you!

    1. I hope they don't think too badly of me for wanting to own them all :)


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