Thursday raiding - Putting down the dogs

Well, I was late home to raid last night, and fortunately the kids fell asleep in the car on the way home.  10pm raids.. holy crap.  No dinner, no shower, so I threw in some leftovers from the fridge into the microwave and logged in to play.  For some reason Priestie and Slurs had decided to reset their router at 10pm and couldn't get back on!!! DISASTER!  I settled down with my nuked chilli eggplant (yes I hear Sev and Lushnek groaning at me about my food preferences) and ate whilst I tried to sort out replacements so we could raid.  Gutsy wasn't on either... WTF?  I rang him and he didn't answer but he logged on shortly after.

Should I ask people from the other team to raid with us?  They're not raiding all week... or are they going to try again on Sunday? I didn't want to poach but it doesn't hurt to ask.  They can always so no, so I understand and won't get upset.

So I rang Fue, who sounded sleepy and I asked him if he'd like to come just until Slurs and Priestie get on, so we can at least get Tout learning the fight a bit better - no opportunities wasted!  But that still left one healer to find...

Bish was on but on his laptop so that was crap :( Voe was not answering his phone.  Oh well.  Could use Lush in a pinch but really he should be DPSing... maybe I could ask Aza just to play with us for a bit...

So I asked Gutsy if he wanted to try 2 healing it, just for larks.  He said ok.  We steeled ourselves for some fun times with no mana and lots of wipes.  Az had agreed to join us so that was cool.

Lush had made me a nice new shiny Wildblood vest so I was happy with more spirit and more spellpower so maybe that would help a little bit.  And I was going to eat spirit food to see if I could push a bit more oomph out of my mana.  I had previously been just eating raid freebies (ie tables).

Fue bounces the dogs back and forth as opposed to our double swap, so that had to be figured out a little bit.  Tout had read up, and respecced and fiddled with his gear a bit for better mitigation and his survivability was a lot better.  However, we noticed that it wasn't just Slurs - paladin tank threat is clearly inferior to warrior threat, Fue had a hard time holding threat, though with people hitting different targets when he had one focussed that might have been part of the problem. Moo's threat was a particular problem because Gutsy and I blew 1/6 of our mana healing him in the first 20 seconds and we still didn't get him to full.  One of those times was funny because Moo forgot to get out of defensive stance - he had been tanking trash whilst we waited for Fue and Az to come to help us with our raid.

It wasn't as horrible as I thought, 2 healing.  Hectic yes.  I got chained to Gutsy which was brilliant, and one time to Aza which was also great - we actually ran in the same direction sometimes to get out of blue ices!  I think the first attempt was as good as our last attempt and I was thrilled to bits with that and I said to Gutsy that it wasn't as bad as I thought - with higher DPS the fight was shorter so mana was better.  Taunting the mobs was still very iffy and we had some bad explosions and I said "Angry healers!" in reference to the Fatboss video (timestamp 3:15 to 3:26) - Gutsy just laughed and said he's not angry, just dead.  Not a good fight for mushrooms.  I did plenty of rejuv blanketing and wild growths and kept the tanks hotted up fully and using barkskin as much as possible but I wasted a lot of mana on myself healing from getting stuck in icy bads.  MUST HAVE BETTER RAID AWARENESS!

But the kill attempt was a damn fluke.  We were doing well but everyone started to drop off at 4% because I was OOM, I had potted, innervated, tree formed... EVERYTHING, and I had nothing left.  I had even used my tranquility already.  I'm trying to squeeze out one more rejuv, I'm begging people to use their cooldowns, healthstones, ANYTHING, but we hung in there but with OOM healers nobody was going to live long.  We had 1 million to go and the locks were the only ones up, and then Aza died and then it was Sev, and his health was borderline... and DOTS WON US THE DAY!  We were all dead of course.  But it was DEAD!  OMG I was screaming my head off in excitement, which was for two reasons.  One, because we killed it by the skin of our teeth, and TWO, we had just 2 healed it which I had not thought possible because of the damage of bad explosions.  I can imagine it would be 2 healable if taunting and explosions was perfect, and nobody stood in bad things, but this combination was CRAP!  I was feeling super chuffed, it was a great end to a bad day, making that kill the 3rd good thing that happened to me (first was kids sleeping, second was Souglyy giving me an Aqua Strider and third was killing this boss and 2 healing it!).  Though if I look at it now, it wasn't REALLY 2 healing, because Fue does so much healing as well that he might as well be a 3rd healer.  Lucky he didn't top our healing or I'd feel really redundant.

Even Gutsy was happy and not his sour self.  I was doing happy dances inside (yes yes I am sure lots of other people 2 heal it but they are leet, and I'm far from leet, I'm still wearing 450 ilvl gear!) and then I ended up getting offspec legs for my bear (much better than my green pants!).  But 2 healing Feng...  yeah that wasn't happening.  Got Lush to try to help out but... no it wasn't happening, and we had only half an hour left of raiding so we called it quits just after midnight.

So, a brilliant end to a crappy day.  My son woke up just after midnight and so I put him back to bed and went to sleep with the kids sporting a big smile on my face (hubby was out of town hence why I was home alone with the kids).  Hopefully this means that Friday is going to be a good day :)


  1. Of all that, the only thing that sticks in my mind is "nuked chilli eggplant". Can you explain? I've got no idea what in the world that is. Sliced eggplant with spice? Veggie chili? Totally curious.

  2. LOL Chris! You pick the one funny thing :P
    Diced eggplant cooked with chilli bean sauce (asian thing) and a bit of soy sauce, with added water+cornflour to make it a bit saucy. Nuked was because I had shoved it in the microwave to reheat.

  3. Grats on the kill, Navi! Even with a fluke kill, it's still a kill. ;)

    I would, however, recommend Eggplant Tempura as another way to make good Asian eggplant. And you could have shrimp, sweet potatoes, and green beans with and have a fantastic meal. =D

    Grats again on the kill!

    My 2 yen,


    1. I had to raid!!! :) I was just pulling out leftovers from the fridge :) but that does sound yummy Akiosama :)

  4. Grats! Glad the day ended well, and real happy Chris asked for clarification on that eggplant. I got the nuked part but was trying to figure out the eggplant and chili part. Maybe I'll make chili for dinner, just without the eggplant!

    1. LOL not an eggplant fan either? I love the stuff!


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