Thursday raiding - Dogs and Feng kills for my group!

Last night we got ready to head back into Mogu'shan Vaults - a slight hiccup as we had 11 people turn up and Moopie volunteered to sit out, much to the chagrin of some of our raid members, and to the mortification of Balinar who had done the Herculean effort of waking up at 3am his time to attend the raid after sleeping in last night.

A few wipes and Balinar asked the innocent and curious question of why we were doing it that way and then we all pulled together and had Slurs tanking two and Tout taking one and Sev calling out the swaps and Lush calling out the active if needed.  Much better, much smoother, still had 2 or 3 bad explosions which killed mana but it was killed!  Yay!

With that we moved on to the second boss, Feng the Accursed.  The tanks had to pick up two crystals and use those abilities against the boss at the opportune time.  Making me wish I had 4k more spirit because I was on fumes at the end of the fight... again!  We started with some really good attempts and then had some not so good ones, and the last fight of the night was the winning one which got us our kill.  Interesting how when you say "This is our last go" it has that magical winning property.

Sabrehawk went Beast Mastery for this fight so we could get a bloodlust which we used at Phase 3 because by then all 3 of us were struggling with mana.  I was happy because I found a use for mushrooms in Phase 1 where he was doing some big raid wide damage.  In phase 2 we got fire debuffs which we had to deposit in a set spot and the boss would suck up those fires and use them against us later.  The raid was really good with their raid awareness, except me and Lushnek once or twice (silly druids!) and then the last phase was a run in and out with really heavy healing.  I was trying to conserve mana on the last attempt of the night for that phase because I found that phase really intense.  Sabre got a bloodlust off at the start of phase 3 (thank god!) because the poor guy died not long after!  Battle rez had been used by then on a tank I think, and woohoo that was pretty awesome as we watched Feng's health going down and thinking damn, that we can do this, we can do this!  Yay dead!

Lootwise, from the dogs Sabre and Sev came up as winners with Stonemaw Armguards and Ruby-Linked Girdle respectively.  From Feng, Lush and Balinar both got helms - Hood of Cursed Dreams and Nullification Greathelm.  I passed for Lush because he really needs the gear upgrades, and at the moment I am scraping through with my gear (and the priests can carry me anyway /grin)

Nobody seems to be intent on pics, so here's an extraction from my FRAPS of the end of the fight, as Feng is defeated.

Everyone was pretty shattered by the end of the raid.  Raked said he had to be up on 4 hours for work, and Gutsy was falling asleep at 1130


  1. It went a lot better than I expected - dps was up from our previous attempt, and the raid awareness was much, much better.

    Shame about Moo though - really wish he had come. :/

    1. He'll come next time :) but I'm pleased about last night for sure!

  2. Grats on your kills! Looking forward to hopefully killing Feng next week ourselves =)

    1. Thanks Arv! I think you will find the concepts a lot easier for Feng.


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