Stormstout Brewery achievements and some new pets

Just for something different to do, I thought I would try some "easy" achievements, and there was a pet to be had too for one of them!

Stormstout Brewery has a number of achievements and we managed to do 2 of them - I think smacking that hammer to kill 100 will take slightly better gear!

Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' is pretty easy to do - just keep rolling barrels into him until he dies. It's probably best you don't hit him at all because those barrels stack and give him a debuff which makes him take more damage and he dies quicker.  It was quite fun to do, actually.

To do Ling-Ting's Herbal journey, you have to drink Ling Ting's favourite tea (which you buy from Auntie Stormsout at the beginning of the instance) and then for 5 minutes you get the ability to see Golden Hoplings around the instance.  We got a bit excited and collected them from the word go, sometimes neglecting to tank or heal or DPS and then decided to go back at the end and finish it.  There are only 30 in the brewery and it's shared so everyone can get into the Golden Hopling treasure hunt.

I like floating in bubbles for the last boss :)

You get this cute Hopling as a reward for the Herbal Journey achievement. Nawwwww!

And, I finally got around to getting my Tiny Goldfish (honoured from The Anglers).  Ugh this picture didn't turn out so good!


  1. I just got my Goldfish too. I wonder how he battles from that bubble, hmmm, I may have to try it just to see, and grats on that Hopling wonder if he's a fighter!

  2. I haven't tried battling with it yet... but I bet he kicks.. err.. tail!


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