Scenario Spam!

Scenarios are funny things - they're like little mini stories that you can do with 3 people of any kind of spec that are more for progression through a story than as a dungeon grind for boss kills.  They don't drop any loot, there are quests that you can pick up in Pandaria to complete in there - so why would you do them?  I hear you ask.

I guess they are Blizzard's way of giving us some extra story for those of us who are interested in that.  Not everyone is crash hot on lore and story, and this is a convenient way for those people to skip the talk and head straight for more loot oriented goals.

Here is what I think of scenarios:
  • Great source of achievements
  • Quick easy way to group up with 2 mates and do stuff for a few valo(u)r points and some gold and the chance at a blue dropping from the box you get as a reward.
Most people would probably do them once or twice to get the achievements and be done with it.  I probably would be in that group too, I think.

There is a funny achievement that wants you to do all the Scenarios on a Saturday (Scenaterday - I don't quite understand the spelling of that) but it's bugged, and not working properly but it was something fun that my husband, Lushnek and I could do - even though, really, we should be doing dailies.

Started off in Crypt of Forgotten Kings, where we have to cleanse a crypt and Destroy the Abomination of Anger.  The achievement in there is to not get hid by red clouds.

Then we ventured into level 90 Theramore's Fall, but we failed all the achievements in there. I'm sure we didn't hit any totems...

After that we did Brewmoon Festival and unfortunately the town got burned...

Onto Unga Ingoo where we had to fill a pot with beer without spilling and the last boss we had to keep his orange away from him.  It was quite fun really :)

Then we did A Brewing Storm, where we had to defend kegs of beer from mobs and from getting burned, and not get hit by lightning.

Then at the end we had to avoid the Swamp Smash ability from the last boss (which is a frontal cone attack) which was quite easy.  We missed one achievement though, which we thought we'd get next time.

Queueing a random got us A Brewing Storm again!  So we just did that last achievement, which was to make sure all six of the Thunderpaw Guardians still alive.  We just marked them and tried to protect them, and now we didn't worry so much about the Swamp Smash it was easy.

The guild was missing one of the Scenarios, and we managed to do that one, earning us the guild achievement

So, a little bit of easy WoW stuff, a lot of achievements, and no Scenaterday for me - maybe another day! 


  1. Apparently Scenaterday is bugged anyway. Gratz!

    1. Thanks! A good way to push those achievement points, I must say :)


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