Pre raid resto druid gear and what reputations I should work on

Whenever I need something druidy I always turn to Jasyla, she will always deliver!  I have extracted my list of dungeon and justice/valour point gear that I need from her site Cannot Be Tamed.  The items I put on this list all have spirit on them, and those that do not have 2 very desirable secondary stats (mastery + haste).  I haven't put in a lot of the non spirit gear because really I would rather not take any of those.  I've put a strikethrough through what I am using now so I can update it accordingly to get what I need.

463 Hood of Viridan Residue - Vizier Jin'bak (Siege of Niuzao temple)
489 Snowdrift Helm - Shado-Pan rep (Revered)

463 Incardine Scarlet Spaulders - High Inquisitor Whitemane (Scarlet Monastery)
489 Whitepetal Shoulderguard - Golden Lotus rep (Revered)

450 Vestment of the Ascendant Tribe - August Celestials rep (Honoured)
463 Chestguard of Despair - Sha of Doubt (Temple of the Jade Serpent)
463 Chestwrap of Arching Flame - Commander Vo'jak (Siege of Nizuao Temple)
476 Wildblood Vest - Leatherworking
489 Mistfall Robes - Golden Lotus rep (Revered)

450 Sudden Insight Bracers - Klaxxi rep (Honoured)
463 Star Summoner Bracers - Gu Cloudstrike (Shado-Pan Monastery)
489 Clever Ashyo's Armbands - August Celestials rep (Revered)

450 Wandering Friar's Gloves - Golden Lotus Rep (Honoured)
463 Rattling Gloves - Rattlegore (Scholomance)
463 Vellum-Ripper Gloves - Flameweaver Koegler (Scarlet halls)
476 Wildblood Gloves - Leatherworking
489 Ogo's Elder Gloves - August Celestials rep (Revered)

463 Hurricane Belt - Kuai the Brute (Mogu'shan Palace)
489 Klaxxi Lash of the Harbinger - Klaxxi rep (Revered)

450 Brambleguard Leggings - Shado-Pan rep (Honoured)
463 Darkbinder Leggings - Taran Zhu (Shado-Pan Monastery)
463 Leggings of Whispered Dreams - Lorewalker Stonestep (Temple of the Jade Serpent)
489 Wind-Reaver Greaves - Klaxxi rep (Revered)

463 Airstream Treads - Strider Ga'dok (Gate of the Setting Sun)
463 Treads of Corrupted Water - Wise Mari (Temple of the Jade Serpent)
476 Crushing Treads of Anger - Sha of Anger (quest reward for killing him)
489 Boots of the High Adept - August Celestial rep (Revered)

450 Skymage Circle - Jewelcrafting
450 Tiger Opal Pendant - Jewelcrafting
450 Pendant of Endless Inquisition - Golden Lotus rep (Honoured)
463 Temperature-Sensing Necklace - Flamereaver Koegler (Scarlet Halls)
463 Necklace of Disorientation - Sha of Violence (Shado-Pan Monastery)
463 Mindcapture Pendant - Xin the Weaponmaster (Mogu'shan palace)
489 Links of the Lucid - Klaxxi rep (Revered)

450 Pressed Flower Cloak - August Celestials rep (Honoured)
463 Cape of Hidden Flasks - Hoptallus (Stormstout Brewery)
489 Sagewhisper's Wrap - Shado-Pan rep (Revered)

450 Band of Blood - Jewelcrafting
450 Sorcerer-King's Seal - Shado-Pan rep (Honoured)
463 Beastbinder Ring - Houndmaster Braun (Scarlet Halls)
489 Leven's Circle of Hope - Golden Lotus rep (Revered)

450 Ghost Iron Dragonling - Engineering
463 Vial of Ichorous Blood - General Pa'valak (Siege of Niuzao Temple)
463 Price of Progress - Darkmaster Gandling (Scholomance)
470 Thousand Year Pickled Egg - Coren Direbrew (Brewfest World Event)
476 Relic of Chi Ji - Inscription (Darkmoon Faire Crane Deck)
489 Scroll of Revered Ancestors - Shado-Pan rep (Revered)

463 Amber Spine of Klaxxi'vess- Klaxxi Rep (Exalted)
463 Amber Scythe of Klaxxi'vess - Klaxxi rep (Exalted)
463 Carapace Breaker - Raigonn (Gate of the Setting Sun)
463 Gustwalker Staff - Wing Leader Ner'onok (Siege of Niuzao Temple)
476 Je'lyu, Spirit of the Serpent - Sha of Doubt (Temple of the Jade Serpent)

463 Bottle of Potent Potables - Hoptallus (Stormstout Brewery)
463 Umbrella of Chi-Ji - Archaeology
476 Inscribed Red Fan - Inscription
476 Scroll of Whispered Secrets - World Drop

Looks like Golden Lotus, Shado-Pan, August Celestials and Klaxxi are the reps I need to be working on!


  1. Oh my gosh -- I was just going to research this today! Not sure why, just in case I do carve out time to raid with Momokawa....I am in deep denial, that is for sure. Thank you so much!

  2. I don't know where you'll have time with getting your shaman stuff and your paladin stuff and your druid stuff...


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