Pets I got and Pets I didn't

I made it to the Wanderer's Festival and got my achievement and my Wanderer's Festival hatchling.  I wasn't sure about what was going to happen so I was the only person there from my guild but once I got the achievement everyone came down to have a look.


You gotta be quick!  I only saw 4 spawn but they spawn again at the closing ceremony too.
It was interesting because I got the achievement at 9pm, and then Gelina was there at 923pm and got it, and then everyone else was there at 11pm for the closing and got the achievement too.  And Moopie got his at 1123pm, so there are 4 chances to get it on a Sunday.  The event is every Sunday.

And though I count myself lucky with my turtle, I wasn't so lucky with Minfernal.

I was camping at the spot and someone else was there and we were chatting, and he found one!  And I didn't even see it on the map!

Some people have all the luck...

So I guess I should move to a different spot but man, that is annoying as hell!  Do I have the patience for this rare farming?  I swear I am not made for this... I want to tear my hair out!

So I think I need a break from this camping and DEFINITELY come back when it's a server reset.  Because this really... is doing my head in.

Which brings me to my thoughts on stuff in upcoming patches.
  • New pets from making Imperial silk (Imperial moth and Imperial silkworm) which have a rare chance to drop, that's pretty cool.
  • Taming Azeroth will now reward you with a Safari hat!  Which will increase your pet experience gained by 10%
  • Filtering by name, rarity, type, level in your pet journal.  I swear, with 425+ pets finding all my blues is a pain in the ass.  I'm glad they're including this.
  • Battle-Stones to upgrade a pet's quality.  So my lousy pets can become rares.  Cool.  Maybe this will stop those people killing 6 minfernals when most of us are trying to get ONE.
  • A new achievement to defeat legendary pets!  Now we're talking Pokemon!!!
  • New pets and dailies from Darkmoon Faire - some capturable!


  1. I have alts parked all over the place so I can log them, check for rares and move on to the next one if the weather conditions are wrong/no spawns up :(

    Despite feeling like I'm sinking in dailies, really looking forward to the next patch. I need a Darkmoon Eye, I really do :P

    1. LOL Erinys I know what you mean - except I only have ONE alt! :D And those Darkmoon pets look really cool!


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