Navispam that Stubborn Diamond!

A while ago when I had my unfortunate incident there were a lot of fortunate things that came out of it.  I got to meet some lovely people whom I had never met before, or never conversed with before - and one of them was Stubborn of Sheep the Diamond.

He emailed me and we chatted, and he seemed like a really nice bloke!  We had a lot of values in common, and then we got to chatting to all sorts of other things.  I wondered about his name and his blog... after all Stubborn was a druid and sheeping is a mage thing.  Oh, I know!  He must have been tanking on his druid and he tells people to sheep the diamond!

I knew his blog, and had perhaps read it once when it was linked somewhere (and of course read blogs of people who read his blog and so I've seen his name around enough to recognise it, but since our email correspondence I started reading his blog more frequently.  He has a different style to his writing - he writes to his readers (starting with "Dear Reader"), and always signs it "sincerely, Stubborn".  I don't think I've read any other blog like that.

He never seemed to be in game though.  I thought it was because he was busy playing other games, like The Secret World or Guild wars 2.  So we exchanged battletags and I just hoped that one day I would get lucky.

And one day at work, I was lucky!  But it wasn't that lucky because being at work, I couldn't talk much and had to afk a lot.  However, we got to meet up and take some pics, thanks to this new cross realm thing.  So Stubborn and I met outside Orgrimmar where quite a few people came up to him to look at him and even ask him to duel.  Nobody asked me to duel =/

We chatted about games, and I talked to him about my lazy levelling and how I don't have an alt and talked about pet battles.

It was a short visit since I had to go work and he had to AFK too.  But since then, I have been able to chat to him when he does get on.  I had a niggling suspicion that one thing we were very different in was about how we play.  Not only does he have a lot of alts, he plays a lot of games because he gets a bit tired of the same thing all the time.  Which is totally opposite to me :P with my one game playing and one toon playing.  It's funny how people can be so different!

Since then he's popped on a few times - but he seems to be more social than actively playing.  He's got friends all over the world to chat to, and you know, that's just one of the many cool things about this game that we play :)

But then Stubborn discovered something else, that maybe he and I can have more time to chat about... something I love very much about Pandaria...

Pet battles.  LOL.  Another person sucked into the whole thing :D


  1. Navi,
    It was a lot of fun, and I look forward to catching you again. Also, I look like I'm getting ready to scratch my butt in this picture. Is this because someone wanted to duel me and not you? (;

    Thanks again!

    1. That's the great thing about battletags :) we can chat at any give opportunity! I look forward to chatting to you more as you level :D


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