Monday raiding - Mogu'shan vaults - Gara'jal attempts

Pretty excited to be trying this boss - the mechanics seemed quite reasonable!  I like different mechanics and this one was pretty interesting and different.

The tanks get to have a break!  This fight is DPS and heals having to do all the thinking - it's back to the old taunt-tank-spank business here.

Gara'jal is a troll shaman with a ton of health.  Everyone stacks on the boss, and he does some interesting things.
  • The first is Voodoo doll where 3 people get affected and they take 70% of the damage taken by the tank.  So as a healer, you gotta heal these people BIG TIME.  Tanks can make it easier for us poor healers by trying to mitigate some of that damage - hey that 150k hit may not be much to you with your 550k health but for us with 330k it can start building up real quick!  
  • The second thing is that he makes a totem that DPS have to kill and it sends 3 people standing within it into the spirit world.  Sounds like a scary place to be with spirits and ghosts and severed souls and stuff, but it's actually a cool place to be.  First scary thing - everyone goes to 30% health in there.  If you ask me it seems more like 20% health or even less.  So, a healer always has to go in.  You can't get out until you're healed to full, and then a little button will appear which lets you get of the spirit world.  If you don't get out by 30 seconds... bang you're dead!  So the DPS go down into the spirit world to hit all those nasty spirits down there who are hitting us in the real world and making us take damage.  And, the other important thing that healers have to do is heal as much as possible because it gives nice buffs to everone - more DPS for DPS, and more mana regen for healers.  So going down there with dregs of mana is good because you're gonna be top dog for mana when you get out.
  • Tanks also get to go down and kill a severed soul which is supposed to be easy to kill.  So when they go down into the spirit world, the other tank has to pick up the boss.
Sounds simple right?  Well, the one thing that makes it a bit iffy is that you can't go in there if you have Voodoo doll - so trying to organise who goes requires good communication between us.  We had HK calling out who has to go in, me and Gutsy talking between ourselves who has Voodoo doll and has to go in.  Yes, we were 2 healing.  And it was probably just as well because we really need that DPS.

We hit enrage and we still had a fair way to go.  We had hiccups with me not being able to heal enough with crappy double Voodoos so I couldn't get in to get mana.  Fortunately we have an extra tranquility if I symbiose Priestietute so she can use that in a pinch.  We had tanks not killing their add or being unable to target it inside.  We had DPS coming out too early so they didn't get the full benefits of the DPS buff, and people staying in too long and dying (I did that first go!).  But it was a really interesting fight, but we really need to pick our dps up a bit.  With Sabre going BM because we have no bloodlust, it's a bit crappy and I don't know if his DPS takes a hit because of that, but we will have to look at that this week when we try it again.

I had fun playing with my Leap of Faith (which is what I get from Priestie from Symbiosis) for a bit just to be an idiot, and I healed my guts out with lots of rejuvenat


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