Monday raiding - Just beating enrages on Gara'jal and The Spirit Kings

When am I NOT excited to be raiding again?  After the excitement of Wednesday and Thursday, I was hoping we would have success last night, and we did... JUST!  One sad point - Sev had computer problems and couldn't raid.  I was sad.  However, Aza was asked to replace him and he turned up and that was fine.  Gutsy was a little bit late due to work, but we managed to kick off at 945pm.

Our problem last raid lockout with Gara'jal was the enrage timer.  This time with smarter dps swaps into the spirit world we were a lot better with DPS output overall, but it was still a scrape by - we just beat the enrage timer.  We tried 3 healing it but we still were short by a bit, so I told Priestie she had to save the day and go DPS and win us the kill - LOL which she did!  Well, it was a combined effort of everyone's DPS, and our coordination was a lot better, setting up whose turn it was to go in, and with 2 healing it was easy with only me and Gutsy having to decide who was going in.  I enjoy this fight the most because I can burn mana like crazy, knowing I'm going to get it all back in the spirit world when I get out.  I have noticed though that Slurs mitigates a lot more when he has voodoo, compared to Tout, because when Tout has it, boy do the other voodoos take a pounding.  Things I'll need to tell Hyad so he can make it easier for me.

For the spirit kings, everyone says how easy it is... but when that mad guy isn't last, it's not QUITE a walk in the park!  We decided to 2 heal it.  Basically, it's 4 kings with different abilities - I'm not good with names but I think of them as the hunter who does the volley and then the arrows that pin you to the ground; the warrior who does some sort of shockwave that is an instakill; the warlocky type one who makes these skulls chase you and then when you dps them down they make a Lich King type defile on the ground; and the crazy one who makes us all enemies to each other and we have to dps each other to get it off.  The problem with that is I can't heal anyone when they are all red to me, and they're busy killing each other so it's all AAGGGGH!  We're supposed to bunch up and AOE people but sometimes... the other guys hurt so much when they're AOEing us down!!!  We had some silly moments - Lush and I didn't move from the shockwave and both died (dumb druids! Though mine was dumb, his was lag), Aza stood in the volley and got hit by all 3 shots and went splat (portal must be broken...), and Tout charged in on the pull and got cleaved to death.  We finally got it down, at least this time a bit more comfortably than the last boss, and now we just have to improve from here.

I used my gambling roll (is it just me or isn't it just that little bit funny that you add this whole Pandaria expansion has a heavy asian slant, and they put in more GAMBLING which is also a very asian thing???) and scored caster bracers yay!  But I picked up 2 offspec leather items.... which makes my guardian bear almost look better geared than my resto!  That's 3 offspec items I got this week in raid - legs, waist and bracers.  But I was happy for the upgrade, because bracers was one of my weak points.  Helm is my other weak point.

Gutsy got a cool ring and Priestie got a hat, so all the healers are happy with this run.  Balinar got some healing plate for offspec, Sabre picked up some loot too, and Tout got 2 items from his gambling roll.  All in all pretty reasonable loot wise!

Gonna be sketchy next week.  Not sure how Fue is going to organise raids, but hopefully Hyad can come and raid with us, since Nabe is stepping down, and Raked and Hyad are both tanks.  Will be tough for both groups, I think.


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