In Which Navimie talks about Minfernals with Kia's brain

A few days ago, I was frustrated with pet camping, and I asked the brain of my friend Kialesse for some advice, or maybe I was just chatting to her brain for a bit of perspective on what I was REALLY thinking.  However, the day after that I managed to get not just one of the things I had been camping but BOTH of them, so this post fell into the netherheap of drafts.  But I like this post, and yesterday after visiting Achloryn, Kia and Pixel as a break from my daily grind, I thought I would share it, in all it's crazy glory.

Navimie:  Here I am again, camping at Shatter Scar Vale.  Does this thing really exist?  Yes, of course it does, silly me.  I saw that bugged one stuck in the tree a while back, so they're around.  And Aza has one.  And Cymre.  And Sephrenya too, but she's on an EU server, so does that count?  Maybe they don't have buggy mobs there.  Maybe they spawn more often on EU realms.

Kia's Brain: Well, you know, you're not really camping.  If you were really serious about camping you would have your computer on 24 hours and not sleep and fly around every now and then checking the other spawn spots which prevents you from AFKing out as well.  Look at all those serious TPLD and Aeonaxx campers.  Now THAT'S real camping.

Navimie: I can't do that.  I have a family and work and chores to do.  But I do get on at work and camp...

Kia's Brain: Well, if you camped PROPERLY then you can complain.  Your 7 visits a day with about 5 minutes of flying around could hardly be called camping.

Navimie:  It's more than 5 mins, I'm sure!

Kia's Brain: Nah-ah.  Time goes slow when you're NOT having fun.  It seems longer than it is, trust me.  You know who camps properly?  Roshii and Souglyy.  They know how to camp.  And they reap the rewards of it.  Look at Roshii's TLPD.  3 months he camped.  Now that's camping.

Navimie: I wish I had good luck.  I'm not like Ancient who can just HAPPEN along Aeonaxx while just flying along doing la-di-da in Deepholm.

Kia's Brain:  You think she's lucky?  She's got the wool pulled over you, little cow.  Do you think she just HAPPENED to luckily get that insane title?  That takes dedication, silly druid, not luck.

Navimie:  Well, you just burst my bubble, thanks a lot Kia's Brain =/ Oh great, look at this, more campers.  A horde one and an alliance one.  I'm going to wave at the horde guy and talk to him.

Kia's Brain: Are you gonna tell him to get lost this is your camp zone?

Navimie: NO!  I'm being friendly, you know I'm a friendly sort of person.  Besides, camping is more fun with friends than enemies.

Kia's Brain:  Uh-huh.  You know what he's going to think, he's going to think you're talking to him to distract him while you go and zip up the first Minfernal that spawns.  That while he's busy replying your tell, with your superspeed touch typing, you can race to that spawn before he does.

Navimie:  I am NOT.  Look, if he's nice and chatty, I'll wish him the best of luck.  If he's an ass then I don't feel bad about nabbing the mob from him.  Oh look, see he's talking back to me.  He says he's never seen one.  I'll tell him my experiences about it.

Kia's Brain: Don't you mean your LACK of experiences with it?

Navimie: I've seen it ONCE.  In a tree.  Bugged.  That's better than no experience.  And I can tell him how often I've been here so maybe that's something!

Kia's Brain:  If you say so.

Navimie:  Oh he's a warlock who wants all warlock type pets.  Just like Az!  That's cool.  I'm going too add him to battletag so that if I'm here and I see some, I can tell him.  Maybe he'll do the same courtesy to me?

Kia's Brain:  I wouldn't count on it.

Navimie: Why must you be so negative?  People can be nice, and he seems nice.

Kia's Brain:  I'm not being negative.  I'm being realistic.  I don't want you to be disappointed if it doesn't turn out how you want it to.

Navimie: I don't get disappointed.  Well, not a lot.  I mean, I UNDERSTAND human nature, and I accept it.  If I find 2 minfernals and I contact him if nobody else is online then at least I feel like I helped someone!  If he decides he wants to battle both of them.. well then that's no different to me not having friended him so I might get lucky, right?

Kia's Brain: If you say so.

Navimie:  Oh. My. God. OH MY GOD!  He just saw one, and he's off battling it now!  Where?  How did I not see it?  Oh my god.  Of all the luck!

Kia's Brain:  Well, you were busy talking to me, that's why.

Navimie:  In my HEAD I was.  I wasn't typing.  He says he saw it up here.  Where is he?  Let me invite him to party.  Oh there he is!  Wow, up here?  No wonder I never see any if they spawn here!

Kia's Brain:  So.  What did you learn, Navi, from all of this?

Navimie:  Well I think from now on I'm not going to camp in that position down there.  I'm parking up here instead.  Shit!  All these times if I'd parked up here I might have had it earlier?  OH MY GOD WHAT A WASTE OF TIME, all those other days... Oh I'm so cross!  Well, I'm happy for him though, I'll get him to show it to me.  Ohhhh, that's so cute, I want one!!! Oh but I'm so angry at minfernals right now!  Well, I don't need him on my battletag anymore, since I won't need to contact him about seeing one and he won't be camping anymore.

Kia's Brain:  That's a bit petulant of you.

Navimie:  No, I'm telling him I'm removing him.  I mean, he's no longer camping here so that was the only reason we swapped battletags anyway.  Oh, I feel so demoralised :(

Kia's Brain: You can't have everything go your way.  You win some, you lose some.

Navimie:  True.  I should think of all those lucky times.  Widow Spiderling.  Baby Ape.  My rare Sporeling Sprout.  Those are lucky finds.  I should be glad.  I suppose I was very early levelling pet battling so I was getting in before everyone else was at the right level to catch some of the high level ones.  That's it I'm not camping this shit anymore, I'm going to wait for a reset and come here straight after reset.

Kia's Brain:  You and everyone else who wants one.

Navimie:  Well I'll have to be quick then won't I?

Kia's Brain:  You?  Quick?

Navimie:  I'm very quick at nabbing a pet battle, I'll have you know.

Kia's Brain:  I was looking at how fast you level.  You could pay some attention to that since you need to be raiding soon.

Navimie:  Yeah... maybe I should do that.  But I don't want to...

Kia's Brain:  Do you want to be the worst healer of the heroic DS healers?  Pull your socks up, girl.

Navimie:  Why does Kia talk to you?  You're like the devil's advocate sometimes.  I should talk to Kia herself, not you.  She's nice to me at least.  She understands.

Kia's Brain:  How would you know?  When was the last time you talked to her?  And have you been to her blog lately?  She hasn't updated for ages.

Navimie:  Well, she's probably busy doing dailies and levelling and dungeoning like everyone else.  Too busy to talk to YOU.

Kia's Brain:  Well, you talked to me first.

Navimie:  And I'm talking to you last.  Goodbye and thank you for your ear and.. advice.  /click


  1. Isn't she AWFUL? I can't get her out of my head, either!

    1. SHe is a mean one isn't she! I am surprised you haven't relegated her to the naughty corner of your mind!

  2. OMG! Kia's brain hands out some tough love, but I have to admit she sounds familiar I'm thinking her brain and mine must be hanging out together at some undisclosed spot. Who knows maybe in Felwood. I'm just happy you finally got your Miniferal.

  3. Replies
    1. Gasp... No! I refuse to believe it! Surely dumb luck faith exists, it must!

  4. Kia's brain is pretty mean. Then again, so's Kia when she's trying to put one over on you. I know this firsthand! :P

    Was great to see you again! I was so sorry that it was short - we'd planned an LFR the night before, and we were just getting started! (Ask Kia's brain about how it went sometime.)

    1. I was just happy you guys were online to visit :) Even a few minutes hanging with you guys was enough to relieve the doldrum of the Golden Lotus....

  5. Navi this is brilliant! Love it (hugs brain in gratitude for being so awesome at rationalization buff!)

    1. That Kia's brain is hilarious. Her blog has me so addicted :)

  6. This reminds me, if anyone sees my mind, have it come home? I'm not sure where I lost it.

    1. Funny, I was just asking that question on Facebook yesterday; I sense a conspiracy.

    2. I think I saw it about 10 pet battles ago Kallixta...

  7. LOL! much so I had to go back and rear all posts containing Kia's brain!

    1. That Kia is absolutely hilarious :D


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