I have the best guildies...

It was gifts galore for me this week!  I don't know what I did to deserve it but boy am I happy!  And two came before my last sooky post so they weren't coz I was a sad Panda...

Fue started off the week by giving me a Landro's Lichling - Woot!  That was totally unexpected and out of the blue!

Then Nabe gave me a Terrible Turnip... OMG I love those things and have not been able to grow one yet.  Those brothers are just awesome :)  Fue and Nabe rock!

Then Roshii and Souglyy gave me an Aqua Strider!  OMG they camped the rare and gave me the pet that was so sweet of them! That was SOOOOO nice OMG look at this gorgeous thing!  I can't believe I have one now too!

I love my guildies!!!!

Edit:  I forgot Tout gave me a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling last week!  And it looks pretty awesome I must say :) he does all sorts of jumping and spinning around!


  1. Pets make everything better! :D

    …And now I'm wondering if the Turnip counts as a fighting pet because that's a rather hysterical mental image. *solemn nod* Hehehe

    1. Yes you can battle with Turnip because the master tamer in the Valley uses it! But that tamer is an easyish one to beat, of the Pandaria tamers, I think. However, their usage of the turnip makes me think it's a rather weak pet. I will have to try it for myself to see. And see if it really does that attack that puts your health to one like Bear said - great for pet capturing!

    2. Wait I just reread that - you mean whether it actually fights... because in all seriousness, turnips can't fight. I mean just face them with a peeler or a knife and they'll run away... I guess it's back to the chopping board with team making... OH NO BAD PUNS LMAO WHAT DID U MAKE ME DO MARTHA

    3. YAYAYAYAY! Bad puns!! My victory is complete! :D

      And now you just need two more battling veggies-- Hmm, I wonder if the sunflower pet counts as a veggie. *ponders* Killer tomatoes? Bunnicula??

      And if you lose you can just make a salad! ;)

  2. Those are pretty awesome gifts! Now I need to go farm that Aqua Strider pet!

    1. I can't believe they gave me a pet! Totally made my day!


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