How Navimie beat Goz Banefury (Twilight Highlands)

Finally. I BEAT the Twilight Highlands Master Pet Tamer, Goz Banefury. Goz uses:
He had been kicking my ass constantly.  I have 5 level 25 pets - Amethyst Spider, Spiny Terrapin, Gregarious Grell, Clockwork Gnome and Oily Slimeling, and despite multiple combinations of both, I could not get past his pets.  Helios and Twilight were really the challenge for me!  I decided I should level a dragon perhaps to get past him.  But I didn't need to in the end!

Twilight uses Dark Rebirth, which brings it back to full health if killed that turn, so I learned not to kill it or I had to go fighting it again.  Amythel is not that hard to kill but it hits really hard, so often you would lose a pet fighting it if you didn't heal.  And Helios, that damn cheating spider, was hard because not only does it use Brittle Webbing, but also uses the Spiderling Swarm AND Leech Life, which IMO is cheating because both of those on the 3rd level spell and all my spiders can only use one but not both of those abilities!

The main problem with the Helios is that he heals a lot of the damage done to himself and Brittle webbing causes damage to MY pets every time they hit, so stampede attacks, dots, will cause lots of damage to me.  It's best to find a HARD hitting damage ability to kill that spider.  Even my Clockwork Gnome, who has abilities strong against beasts, was smashed to pieces with the Build Turret ability I normally use against beasts.

My Terrapin has a good heal ability and lots of health, but does not have a strong attack against another beast - his headbutt ability is good but not strong against Helios's heals and web.

So I won finally using the combination of my Spiny Terrapin, Clockwork Gnome and Oily Slimeling.  The winning move against Helios was to use my Launch Rocket - which is strong against beasts.  Helios has gone last every time I've battled (but the order is supposed to be random, I'm sure) and I used Oily Slimeling against Twilight, Spiny Terrapin against Amethyl and both of them died to Helios before I got Clockwork Gnome out. 

The last trainer in Uldum wasn't too hard because he was beast heavy, and I got him in one go.

Woot!  Onto Pandaria!


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    1. You know, I bet everyone will say how easy it is! I will probably be the only one who found it hard.


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