Guild news - Nabe has unsubbed from WoW

Sigh.  It was coming but I didn't think it would be so soon.  Nabe is stopping playing WoW, again.

The thing about Nabe is that he often comes and goes, and when he comes back he is an avid farmer and when Tillers came out he was pretty fast at getting that Farmer title, which suited him perfectly.

Though us old Frosties know him as Nabe, most of the others know him via whichever alt he is playing as his main.  In Mists, it was Zarrianissa, his DK.  In Cataclym it was mostly his paladin, Belinia.  We call him Nabe, from his name back in our vanilla days where he was playing his priest, Nabeshin.  He's always played a healer or a tank.  Never really see him DPSing that much.

Nabe is always so lovely to me.  He often gives me pets - in fact, he just mailed me a Red Cricket as a "I'm stopping playing WoW so I'm emptying my bank" gift (along with some flasks and some pocket money).  He has given me countless pets and mats for things, and I've never known how to repay him except talking to him, and even then people might say that's a curse rather than a gift!  If you have ever been on the receiving end of my hyper-excited blabber, you may know what I mean.

Lucky Fue inherited all Nabe's gold.  Though I'm surprised he wasn't maxed out gold on all his toons already.

Tout got some crafted tanking stuff.

I wonder if it's because Gley and Enna don't play WoW, that is part of it.  Nabe loves to level alts, and farming and levelling don't be as fun as he remembered, he says.  Also, he thought it would be better to quit now whilst we still have tanks around waiting for raid spots than when there are none because they've gotten sick of waiting.

Miss you Nabe!  Though it's true, you're not really gone, after all your brother will be around still and it's not like you dropped off the face of the earth or anything... right? :)


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  2. Aww darn, it posted with that account :P.

    Im sure you'll see me about in some form one day :), I could sneak on vent one day mid raid and give tanking orders or something during a boss fight, since everyone thinks Fue and myself sound the same :P


  3. Nabe I fu*king love you bro!!!

    Best dude ive ever had the pleasure of playing wow with. Got to meet him IRL with enna and gley. Lovely polite people.

    Now with enna and nabe gone wow will never be the same.


    SadVOE *had tears while typing this*

    1. I'll miss you too Voe and yes I'll never forget meeting you IRL and my giggling drunkness, well most of it :P



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