Frostwolves in Mogu'shan Vaults - 4 down!

Group 1 had a swell time tonight!  They got 4 bosses down before the servers and instances restarted which was a fantastic achievement!  Well doneguys!

My group was mostly newcomers, and the tanks were new so we had to take some time for Slurs and Tout to get the hang of the fight, and after a few goes they did.  I had to laugh because I watched the fatboss video and they commented that "It was ok if one of them blows up and it's not the one that's petrifying because it won't KILL you, but it will make your healers very angry."  Oh, and I got to see what he meant, and though it was frustrating, I could laugh about it.

It was really exciting about the other group!  I asked a few of them about it:
Voe: It was a lot easier, without the Jasper one around, so no chains!  So it was cruisy.
Roshii: It went really well.
Voe: The second boss had no issues, and the third boss had minor issues with enraging at about the 10-20%.
Roshii: 4th boss was easier than 3rd.
Souglyy:  I was really surprised we got it.
Bladewind: That was so cool!
Shabadu: It was really good with everyone being calm.

Well, Fue has that effect on people.  I think he's a great guild and raid leader because he's calm and doesn't get all antsy and excited and swear and yell.  And he researches the fights well.  But I couldn't get that much detail out of them (and Voe typed whilst I was raiding so I lost half of it to raid text), so I have no details of their raid.  But I think we're pretty excited to say that Frostwolves was 4/16!  I hear Bish cleaned up in loot! Yay Bish and his lucky rolls!

Anyway back to our raid because that's what I had the best perspective about...

It was difficult to judge whether DPS were doing anything wrong because the tanks hadn't got it quite right yet.  Between the two of them trying to figure out which one to tank, which one to swap, controlling which is about to blow up, is something they will have to figure out between themselves whilst the rest of us focus on avoiding all the crap on the ground.

Raked and Sabrehawk who are both friends of Voe, were new to raid with and Sabre was pretty calm and had specced into beast mastery so we could have a bloodlust, and was pretty cool with that.  Poor Raked is a tank who had to go DPS, and had tank trinkets on because he didn't have DPS ones.  He died a lot at the beginning coz he was standing in stuff, and I symbiosed Priestietute so that I could leap of faith him out of it but I ended up being so busy trying to heal the tanks that I didn't have time to yank him out of anything!  However, by the last few attempts he'd figured it out because he stopped dying.  I symbiosed Sabrehawk to get his deterrence and fun running around with that on popping the big blue traps.

So as a general rule the DPS were supposed to hit the ones who are together because the one by itself is taking 90% less damage.  Healers had to just keep the tanks up - I had a priest on each tank, and Gutsy was grumbling because he was on Tout who was the one who was the hardest to heal (but hey Gutsy has healed it with a priest and with a druid so he knows the fight better than us) and Priestie was on Slurs which is easiest since he's sitting next to her anyway!  Voe told me that the fight is damn hard to heal, but I can't figure that out until the tanks stop having the wrong ones blow up because everytime it did...

"OMG Tranq'ing!" and then...
"OMG Tranq is on cooldown!" LMAO.  Well if Tranq was on a 30 second cooldown with the amount of explosions we had... well we might have had it :)  I think our best was about 50%.

Did an LFR afterwards with 9 guildies and that was good, cleared it and I even got some loot.  Fue was trying to direct people who didn't know what to do, and he was pretty good with that.  He was excited to try symbiosis - then HUGELY disappointed to find he got Rebirth and not Wrath to play with!

Anyway, more fun and games tonight! :D  Maybe the others will get more down and we might get these stone dogs down on our first week :)  It was bummy that Balinar got on 11 minutes late because we can't wait when we have a raid starting so late already and I still had dailies to get done!


  1. Group 1 is lucky as we have had a few raid nights ahead of group 2. We had the exact same issues also. Its a tank fight the first boss :)

    4bosses down is exciting but the 5th should cock block us for a bit!!

    Anywho raiding is back baby!!


  2. Grats on the four bosses! I'm still trying to get my ilevel up for LFR, haha. I'll get there... soon....

    1. Gogo Sal! Well LFR seems to be better now than it was at the end of Cata.. or so it seems to me!

  3. Hey Navi, it's Augment.
    Just wondering if there would be any room in the offgroup for raiding. Would have to level up and gear, due to missing out on the start but really keen to play again.

    1. Hi augment! Raids are full atm but you are always welcome even if you aren't raiding. Hope all is well with you!

  4. Grats to 4 down and Navi go go get those evil dogs down!


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