Frostwolves First Raid in Mogu'shan Vaults

Today was the first scheduled raid for Frostwolves - there were plenty of 90s ready to raid!  I was not one of them (and just as well because the munchkins were playing up and I couldn't log in anyway - not that I was geared enough).  There were some good results in there and I was asking people about it:

Souglyy: The first boss seemed to be a lot easier than I thought.
Sevros: It went pretty well.  Had soem starting problems with the first boss, but once we grouped the 3 statues together it was very easy.
Souglyy: First we tried it like the videos showed, keep 1 away from the other 2 and swap when they do their thing, but we struggled, so in the end we just tanked all 3 together and got them down easy.  That boss is cool because it's one of those stone cat things, really cool looking. Though I might have been biased because I have one as a pet LOL!
Fueghan: Downed the first one in 4 or 5 goes.  Was very happy with it :) especially the dps/heal count on the kill.  Did anyone tell you about the raid already?  We had to DE Stonebound Cinch :(
Azadelta: Did you see the meters?  Fue topped healing and DPS and he was tanking!
Fueghan:  We tried a strat to just ignore all the boss swapping and group them up and pally heals scale exponentially with the number of mobs. The funny part is that when we get heroic gear I can use a weird tank set up, increase my healing by more than 50% above what it normally would be in that gear.
Souglyy:  The place also seems easy to find your way around, well so far, it's just like one tunnel you follow.
Sevros: 2nd boss was harder - different set of mechanics for 3 different phases, and very reliant on the tank being alert.
Souglyy:  The second boss hurts LOL!  But we did get him down to 17%.  The mechanics of that fight seemed ok, but you have to be quick moving with the fire debuff.

Yay Frostwolves!  1/6 already :)


  1. Was soooooo good to get into the new raid :) It was alot of fun & looking forward to downing more bosses :)

    Can't wait till your in there raiding with us again too, so hurry up woman! lol :)


  2. I agree with baha!!

    I want my navi back!


    Voe :)


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