Finally finding Elsen through the branches

Elsen of View through the Branches left a comment on my blog about pet battles, and it reminded me that it was time to try to visit her again.  I thought I would use some of my spare time to pop over and see if she was there.  Elsen had said in a comment ages ago that she wished she was on a US server so she could meet me.

I had tried multiple times to visit her but with not much success - time zones, she was on holidays... I left her a lot of messages and she knew I was coming.  Her guildies were so helpful!

But I was lucky!  She was online and I sent her a tell and we met up and started chatting.  Being in the midst of levelling frenzy, we spent a lot of time talking about Pandaria, and about pet battling.  She loves pet battling too!

It wouldn't be proper if we didn't have at least SOME pictures of Brewfest related things.  I've never been on alliance side during Brewfest and this fountain looks pretty cool.

It wouldn't be proper if she didn't show off some of her mounts!  As a druid of course she has awesome stag mount :)  And I love the rocket.  I wish I had one!

One of the bummy things about all this cross zone stuff is that I can't get out of the zones anymore on flying mounts - I keep getting thrown off!  I must say that a lot of my Navispam toons have this achievement now because of that!

Elsen talked about how she met her boyfriend in game, and they were quite good friends for a while.  She told me of the romantic way they got together - they were playing a 20 questions sort of game and he asked "So what's going on with us?"  and she was OMG OMG how do I answer!  Things went nicely from there :)  She said they turned up to a guild meet and half of them were saying "Well, it's about time!" and the other half were saying "OMG when did that happen??"

She was doing pet battles when I visited her - she quests together with Grokknar (her other half).  I wonder what he would have thought when I came to visit and he had been on - he might have been embarrassed I was all awwwwwww about their relationship!

Lovely to meet you Elsen!  Thank you for letting me Navispam you :)