Dath'remar resto druids in one channel

I have been happily plodding along on my server, slowly levelling and one of the other druids on the server has been chatting to me on and off asked me to join a druid channel, and he was going to invite other resto druids to join.  His name was Icaruss, and I remembered him because on Day 1 he asked me if I was going for realm first Druid.  I said I wasn't (hell at the rate I'm going I'll be realm last druid).

Anyway, I joined the channel and a few people joined - one of which was a druid named Broll, who talked about how he got realm first druid and he wasn't even trying.  And then he mentioned that he had a blog, called the Lazy Druid.  So I went to look it up and lo and behold, another blogger on my server!

Listening to that channel is a kick in the bum for me though.  Everyone is talking about raiding, specs, mana and all the things I love to talk about on my druid with other druids.  However... I'm still only 89.  And it was a reminder that I should get into gear and head up to 90 and get geared.

I think the idea was a nice initiative though!  I hope that the channel doesn't degenerate into an epeen contest, which sometimes these things can become.  Funnily, Gutsy was invited to the channel on his druid.  I recognised a few of the names in there as resto druids from other guilds of our level on the server.  Perhaps as I get levelled up I'll be able to contribute more and learn more as well.  We'll see.


  1. Hm, with a channel to chat on does "Navispam" get a new meaning? ;)

  2. What a brilliant idea! I would imagine keeping the trolls at bay too would be important.

  3. Hai Navimie,

    i am trying but i am busy being a carer and raiding, but hopefully will get some new guys in soon :)
    you can add any druid you want by the way



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