All this time, I never had a Strong Trap...

Today I only just realised I hadn't been having the Strong trap!

I mean, I knew a lot of this pet stuff was buggy.  I have caught things which don't show up on the achievement.  And when I got my Pandaria Safari achievement, there were a few mobs which were greyed out and I remember that when I got the last animal they all suddenly became ungreyed for the achievement.  I remember getting the Strong Trap, but I never remembered thinking about it.  People were commenting about not getting it in forums, blogs and twitter, but I was still catching my pets (it might take about 8 goes sometimes!) but I hadn't really thought about it.

Today I went to finish Eastern Kingdoms on my Alliance to see if I could battle those low level ones and get the achievement for Navimie because on my Alliance toon, she has that achievement but not the Kalimdor one even though it was Navimie who did all the battling.  So I finished them off and decided to try that Twilight Highlands master again and I decided to battle a bit with a Grizzly Squirrel and noticed my trap was different when I tried to catch the Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling (it was better quality than my current one) - it had steel bars on the edges!  So all this time.. I had been battling with the crappy trap!  That trap and also the daily quests are known to be buggy.

So the Strong trap has metal sides (the old trap just has wooden sides) and it flips faster!  Strong traps will have a 25% increased chance of catching the pet on subsequent tries compared to 20% on normals.

Sigh.  If they fixed these achievements, then I might have my Jade Tentacle by now!


  1. You can I had the same idea for a post :P
    I meant to do this yesterday, thx for the reminder.

    1. Oh I just found pics of old traps! I like your post :)

  2. Yeah, they appeared to have fixed a few things. I was finally able to buy my raven for my worgen yesterday.

  3. I don't even have that achievement listed although I'm way past 50 so didn't even get the trap. Hopefully they will fix it at some point.


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