Uh oh, I noticed they fixed the Guild achievements...

You know how I was thinking WOOT I'm still on top?  This account wide achievment thing only shows individual characters?  WELL!  It was hot-fixed sometime recently because I got this message from Genowen:

So what did that mean for Navimie in Frostwolves?? OMG where was I now on the standings??  I dashed over to have a look and... in the number one spot at 13560 is...

Well... I'm still number 1! But coming up in second place is... Aza and his 8 alts!

In third place we have Roshii and his alts! Yay!

And not far behind is his beloved Souglyy with all her alts in 4th place.

And Tacky is sitting comfortably in 5th place.  At least his alts all have the same achievement points!

Now here's a surprise!  At 6th place is Lushnek!!?  And where is Huntinhk and why isn't he up there with Hknight as well?

Bringing up number 7 spot is Ayelena and Corael with their combined achievements.  Ayel was pleased I think because Corael got some PvP ones and Ayelena has the raid ones.

Number 8 is Sevros - he says he doesn't care about achievements but he's doing well to hang in there!

So that's guild standings for the moment!  Talk about a new player sneaking into the top 8!  Cheers go to Lushnek!


  1. I was top in Malefic.. Note I said Was.. However gimme Mop The current holder will lose that perch as fast as i knock the cheeves down. That number one spot shall me mine again in Malefic.. *evil smirk*

  2. /grin go get them Nightvyxen! :D Well, that answers my question about whether you're playing MoP :)

  3. Where's that located? I checked our guild standings in wow on the roster and you're still 1 with me 6th????



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