Tuesday Transmogs

I popped over to say hi to Sephrenya and she had some new mogs to show me!

Her guildie showed me her sexy DK and also her Ken!  Both looks are skimpy for sure, not much left to the imagination in the plate bikini there! Doesn't Ken look spiffy!  If Catwynn was here she'd be drooling I'm sure.  Though he's fair, and she tends to like the darker look.  He looked pretty awesome as a worgen too, I didn't manage to get a pic of that, what a shame!  I had never heard the worgen flirts before, they are hilarious!

Natt then brought out her warlock who was wearing the sexy PvP set.  What she really wanted me to see was her two Willies :P

And doesn't Seph's hunter look awesome?  I like these blues and she had matching pets - how did I ever not realise that Aotona and the Hyacinth Macaw were the same model??  I must be on a different planet.

It's always fun visiting Sephrenya :D  Thanks for chatting and showing me your gorgeous mogs again!  And happy birthday!  Hope your Ulduar run went well.


  1. Hey Navi! Lovely to see you again and thanks for hte birthday wishes. We had fun in Ulduar. Sadly, although we killed 7 bosses we only got one fragment, but we had a great laugh and I felt very spoilt from a wonderful guild turn-out :)

    1. Was this good guild turnout because folks are back after the end-of-expansion doldrums and pre-expansion preparation? Or have you been having good guild turn-out for other reasons?

      This week saw many guildies return to read mail, but gathering for a raid or scenario is premature. I'm hoping next week.

    2. One fragment at least is better than none!

      And Kallixta, I hope your guild turnout improves.

    3. Kallixta: Was a good turn-out (14 of us) I think because I begged people to come help me try and forget that I was ANOTHER year older! We don't have enough signs at the moment to raid properly, but am hoping folks will return next week.

  2. Incredibly lovely outfits but Cat says Ken is loveliest of all, she sends kisses!


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