Tuesday raiding? What's the world coming to?

Everyone was keen to attempt Madness again, considering how well we did when we were winging it last night.  However, I'm never really keen to raid on a Tuesday after a long day at work breathing sleepy gas all day with no lunch.  Usually I have a nice sleep in with the kids when I put them to bed, and though I did want to try Madness... I haven't really raided before on a Tuesday, just mostly bumming around, if I bothered getting on at all. 

And now I know why.

OMG, I played like a total noob.  I was standing next to the person with the parasite and died (multiple times!!), I ran in TOO EARLY when I had the parasite on me and killed people, I didn't get my ironbark on the tank fast enough (I put it on my healbot but it won't cast it for some reason).  When I died that last time from standing next to Az who had parasite, OMG I just wanted to log off and crawl into bed.  Az didn't talk to me after that >< because I said in raid "I just want to go log off right now" which was both childish of me and surly.

The best we got Madness to was 3 million and then the bloods went back in again.  Gutsy encouraged me to try Soul of the Forest, and after trying it, I really like it.  I haven't had much time to play with it but I can see the applications of it, and I did enjoy doing a wild growth after it and watching lots of ticks.  Gutsy was recommending I do 2 Lifeblooms and then swiftmend then use LB again and watch the ticks go crazy on the tank.  But it wasn't really that sort of fight, so I couldn't use it that much then, it was much more useful in doing wild growths.  Would have liked to see what a Tranquility was like with it on - Gutsy says it's awesome but I'll have to wait till tomorrow.

Anyway, tomorrow is a different day.  Tomorrow I will play like a champ.  No more of this moron lack of raid awareness nitwitness.  And no more surliness.  Back to normal Navi tomorrow.

And well damn, I didn't get to look for the Darkmoon Rabbit.


  1. That stupid little rabbit refuses to surface. I don't even want to kill him just look but nope.

    Closest I got was getting there just after he'd been killed, I've never seen so many skeletons in one place, lol!

    Wednesday will surely be a better day!


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