Talking about Leaves and Wings with Beruthiel

Beruthiel of Falling Leaves and Wings is another person I have been reading for the longest while.  Her resto druid blog is a hive of raiding information and theorycraft, as well as a spouting outlet for all her accomplishments and thoughts, in game and out.

I admit, I was nervous of Beruthiel, for a couple of years.  She was one of the blogs I was too scared to make a comment on because... well, because she's BERUTHIEL.  I had that same feeling with Rades, Big Bear Butt and Cynwise as well.  What would she think of a silly little druid blogger like myself who doesn't do much hard modes and comes from a more casual guild?  Cymre was reassuring me that Beru was a lovely person to converse with (she had chatted via emails and maybe twitter her about the Twisted Nether Welcome Wagon, which Beru writes).  I remember telling Cymre I didn't want to talk to Beru because I was scared of her.

Beruthiel shares some amazing things on her blog.  Immensely personal things.  She writes about her frustrations in guild sometimes, as well as with boss fights.  Her frustration and angst is so palpable sometimes, that I read it, and I KNOW it's just a brain dump - her stress and frustration which gives her funny dreams sometimes, wanting to get a boss down so badly for her guild that she gets all teary!  Sometimes the comments on those posts talk about her taking a break from WoW, to step back so she doesn't have this stress, leaving the guild because she's had it up to here with it... but I have always felt like it was just her venting out her feelings inside - I don't think that Beru could step back from the game, or even from the guild she loves so much (from reading what she writes, she would probably feel a bit guilty leaving everyone since she wants to help them all out so much), and it's normal to get angry and upset, I don't even know if she COULD leave.  Anyway, how did I get onto this, I was supposed to be talking about how I came across Beruthiel.

Earlier this month, Beru sent me a message on twitter (which went over 5 tweets, mind you) saying that she wouldn't mind being navispammed:

Which was amazing because:
  1. OMG Beru knows who I am!
  2. I don't have to be scared of talking to Beru!  She said I could come visit!
  3. I want to know what program she uses for her tweets because it's really annoying when you run out of characters when tweeting, so I'd love a continuous tweet thing like that
  4. OMG I can't believe Beru is talking to me!
So the first time I visited they were raiding (this seems to be a common theme in my visits).  I was at work, so I couldn't promise I'd be back.  So when the weekend rolled around, I tried again and YAY, Beru was online on an alt and she came over to meet me.

A shame Brade wasn't on.  I wanted to congratulate the two of them on their recent engagement announcement!  So I asked Beru what her favourite place to take pics was, and she said Nagrand.

My daughter saw the sky and said "Mummy, it's so BEAUTIFUL!"  I have to agree.  Beru went to one of the lovely floating islands in Nagrand - she said she would LOVE to retire here.  Oooh and she invited me as a social to the guild!  OMG I'm in MONOLITH!!!

Beru brought out her pet armada!  The Rocket Chicken was really cool - I didn't know that it tries to blow itself up!  I managed to witness that happening as well!  She also had some dragon kites which I have never seen before and they were all different colours!

Beru asked me what I was doing for patch and I told her that we were having difficulty on Spine.  She was happy to give me some advice and even said she had a friend who was doing it, but I told her our difficutly - 2 warlocks on spine doesn't get much burst out for the tendon.

Blue tree!  How cool!  Not many troll druids in my guild where I can see blue trees!
I don't know what I was scared about.  Beru is a lovely person, not an elitist person at all!  She is patient, and was willing to spend time with one of her fans, give advice, and I was so grateful and relieved, and I felt so honoured to be in her presence.  Thank you Beruthiel, and I hope you enjoyed your navispam as much as I did!


  1. Sounds like a great visit on both sides but I'm really not surprised by that :P You even got a G invite!

    1. Thanks Cym, it was fun! Beru was so sweet and nice to me how did I ever think she was scary? Well maybe I didn't see her trying heroic Rag, maybe she was heaps scary then...

  2. I had so much fun chatting with you! I'm really glad you stopped by. Feel free to pop over and chat anytime! :)

    Also, huge grats on spine!

    1. Thank you Beru, I think it totally blew my mind away to have you chat and show me all your toys and spend time with me! I love your kite, I want one now :) And I forgot to mention your upcoming nuptials in my post whoops.
      Oh and TY :) I guess 2 warlocks CAN do it (chaos bolt is OP)


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