Superheroes and what classes they are in World of Warcraft

I have Avengers fever again.  It was Father's day on Sunday and I gave Hyad "The Avengers" on Bluray (from the kids of course!).  So I was watching it (twice!) and I was looking at these heroes and thinking about what classes these characters are.

Captain America

Clearly, throwing his shield around like that, he's a paladin.  And he's such a goody two shoes, he can't be a DK.  After all, the paladin thing is called Avenger's shield...  Warrior maybe, but I think paladin goody two shoes suits ol' Cap nicely.


Wielding lightning like that, I was tempted to say he was a shaman.  But do shamans pack a wallop like that?  Maybe an enhance shaman did.  But also, I could see him as being a warrior class too.  He is after all wearing mail/plate.  And both warriors and shamans can use 1 handed maces.  Ok I'm going with Warrior for this one.  Though if I wanted a well rounded team he should be a shaman.


Plate wearer.  Definitely.  Doesn't fit into the DK exactly, unless you think about his whole energy source that's stopping shrapnel from reaching his heart as cheating death.  And he doesn't have ghouls or anything.  So not a DK.  Too smart to be a warrior.  And he just isn't all goodness and light like Mr Sexy Goody Two Shoes.  I think I'll have to settle as a warrior who is an engineer.  That works.

Black Widow

Really, is there any doubt what she is?  Clearly, she's a rogue.  Stealthy, sexy, nimble, sly.  She has rogue written all over her.  And she's a spy.


Another easy one.  Bows and arrows?  A hunter for sure!  But he needs a pet...


Human form who shapeshifts into a big green monster who can tank?  Hulk is a druid!  At least he's smart in human form, like most druids are /grin.  But I'd say he has to be a troll druid because he ain't no cow.

So what do you guys think?  Disagree or agree?  Or are you thinking Navi what the HELL are you talking about I think waiting for patch has made you go all cuckoo! :D



Look at him.  He has warlock written all over him! He's even wearing Felheart horns!!!  And he is using a staff.  And he uses magic.  And he's wearing green.  OK, what more do I need to say??


  1. Ironman is a mage in plate. I have a friend who plays Dungeon & Dragons with one of his favourite character being a mage who wears plate, carries a sword and looks like a warrior. His magic buffs enhance his strength and agility so he can counter the armour penalties for casting magic. Nothing says get out of my way than a guy in plate that blasts a hole in the wall with magic.


    1. Yep, arcane mage in plate. He shoots energy blasts, fires missiles and can fly (well, slow fall...)

    2. I like the idea... but I dunno about mage in plate! The whole point of being a mage is being squishy! Though I admit, they are intelligent, so he would fit right into that. So... you're saying he's in some kind of super mage armour?

      And I think Thor is a shaman. Not a warrior. The more I think about it, the more I think he's not a tank.

    3. I like your original take, and will offer this one too: perhaps he is a Holy paladin - with a steady background in Ret and engineering....he fights, but it's not all "for the good of others" -- that to me is a Ret paladin....

      And - I LOVE that Thor is a shaman! That also fits in well with the beautiful poem you wrote, which is still one of my most treasured "items," and yes, indeed shamans can pack a punch like that, after we find our grounding totems and work through the obstacles otherwise known as "patches!"

      Very clever post

    4. It's still hard, he could be a ret pally, I admit, but he has a whole heap of nukes and firepower which is very mage like if you know what I mean!

  2. Lol, totally agree with the Captain America/Paladin reference. Everytime I throw my shield, I'm always thinking of the "Shield Slash" moves from the Marvel vs. Capcom series. Oh, and one of his Special Moves/Hyper Combos in the game is "Final Justice"....totally paladinish!

  3. Yeah, I think Thor's an Enhancement Shaman and Captain America is definitely a Paladin, just not sure about Ironman, he doesn't seem to fit nicely anywhere.

  4. Aha, I had these exact sentiments when I first watched the movie! I drove home thinking that the Avengers were almost like a well composed raid team, just without a healer! Ironman sure is the kind of weird one, though. I couldn't decide if he was more like a pally or mage...though now with the ranged attack changes to pallies, I guess that would fit too!

    1. I can see a few people weighing towards Ironman as a pally! LOL Ninevi glad I wasn't the only one who thought "Geez, this raid team needs a healer!"

  5. Lol, the Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist is causing trouble. I love the classes you've given them but I'd have to say Ironman is a GM. He defies description, has all the cool toys, and has the power to get whatever he wants either though buying it or coming up with it himself. I guess it's not a class and he's not all powerful but I think it fits him better than any class really would.

    1. Tyledres thank you for honouring me with a visit! :)
      LOL @ Ironman being a GM. The all powerful all knowing GM! I think that's a brilliant take :D

  6. Oh, my gosh this is perfect.


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