Standing with "Stands in Bad" is so good!

Pixellated Executioner and Achloryn are regular readers and tweeters of my blog.  The other day, the two of them were talking about Calvin and Hobbes and I thought, that's it, I must go see these people.  Part of the reason was, when I examined both of their blogs, I realised that they were both in the same guild.  Which made it super easy to find both of them.

I logged on, and two people were online.  I spoke to Kialesse, the hunter, who was in a Stormwind, with my usual line polite question and she replied:

"Navi? Hi!"

I wondered if it was Pixellated Executioner on an alt, and she said no, she was Kia, from Sisterhood of Kia.  I have never been to her blog before, though her name is familiar (don't you hate that? I spent ages trying to figure it out but I ended up giving up!) and I guessed it must be from Twitter because we have many people we follow in common.  And then she dropped the bombshell on me, telling me firstly, that she lurks on my blog (omg really? SQUEEE!) AND that Achloryn was her partner! So how cool was that!  Not only did I meet someone new but I found another hidden treasure!  So I demanded she come and take pics with me :)

Me and Kia being backup singers

I had to show her my dorky side and take pictures with these NPCs named after Star Trek Deep Space 9's Dax (former hosts).  Me and my silly NPC stuff! :D

So I went to read her blog whilst I was chatting with her, and she told me a lot of things about herself that you can read here. I started reading and I LOVE how she talks to herself!  It's hilarious and it's so engaging!  Kia's brain is so funny, oh man, I felt like I had hit a lottery with a whole bunch of new posts to read.  So we chatted and chatted, and how the whole moving in thing was like Orv and Nymphy.  Anyway, I tweeted that I was chatting to her and it wasn't long before Achloryn came home.  OK OK I should call him Chris but there are a zillion people named Chris that I prefer to call him Achloryn anyway.

Poor Achloryn, I was teasing him about a comment he made the other day on Twitter about not caring about his readers.

This alliance white stag looks so beautiful!  What a gorgeous couple Naaaawwwwww!

Had to take a picture of my Exodar leader.  I like Kia's scratch cat pose with her hand :)

The next day I logged back, hoping it was raid time to see if Pixellated Executioner (Pix) was online and who did I see in the guild as a level 35 mage??  Lyrestra!  I wondered.. is that Musings of an Altoholic's Lyrestra?  Off I went to her blog to check her lists of alts, and it said she had a mage of that level... only one way to find out!  I sent her a tell, and she said yes she was!  She was shy - I think my excitement at finding her was a little overwhelming for her - but how could I not be excited?  I have followed her blog, I leave lots of comments and she visits me too!  She said to me, she was shy around new people and I giggled and said "How can I be new?  I have been visiting you for the longest time!"  and it wasn't long before she seemed to forget about being shy and we chatted away!  Kia was online too and making her way slowly to Exodar as was Achloryn and Pix.  I was so pleased to meet them all!

Lagging was horrible.  It was because of my stupid laptop downloading game data and using up all my mobile internet bandwidth!  We moved to Darnassus for some screenies.  I was getting a bit distressed because I was too busy lagging and not enough chatting :(  I was on my lunch break and I had so many things I wanted to ask and say to everyone...

Like when did Pix have that awesome artwork commissioned?  Was Lyrestra going to have a new main?  What did Achloryn (ZOMG I just noticed that his toon was called Kolorynn - LOL) think of getting out there and being read by so many?  Of course I couldn't ask Achloryn about soppy stuff - I was going to save that for Kia...

Spot the non draenei...

And just because we're all Calvin and Hobbes lovers here, I will put one of my favourite strips in that I have in my online collection because it's vaguely WoW related... well a long stretch :)

Thank you all for all the time you spent with me whilst I was lagging guys :)  It was lovely to meet you all and take pics with you - it was an absolute honour to Navispam you :)


  1. It was awesome to be Navispammed! I look forward to meeting up with you again! (And that might be sooner than you think!)

    I'm on my way out the door, so I don't have time to answer your questions right away, but I will be happy to give you all the info about the art and the website. I'm really proud of how it looks (and barely any of it was my doing O_o)!

    1. Your site looks awesome :) It was lovely to Navispam you guys! Grrr the lag!!

  2. This is one of the best NaviSpams!

  3. I have actually JUST race/name changed my DK, so it's not Kolorynn anymore... now it's Achloryn. (I did that mostly because my GM has a DK named Koraline and it was *really* confusing haha).

    Anyway... "What did Achloryn think of getting out there and being read by so many?"

    I'm guessing you mean the fact that i've been kinda spazzing at some of the blog hits i've had lately, and honestly... i'm flummoxed and flattered by it. I keep trying to not brag about it, but it just amazes me.

    So yeah, it was awesome getting to meet you! Hopefully we'll get a chance to hang out again sometime. :D

    1. You're not bragging at all, I just love hearing people's enthusiasm about getting read, and it makes us feel like you care about your readers, you know what I mean? :D


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